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How to Travel by Train


Trains are a good way to get around and stations are often well connected to bus routes allowing easy travel around the country.



Plan! If you know the date and time of your journey 2 weeks or so in advance, go to a local station or onto a rail website and book your ticket early. This could save you money or get you a reserved seat on a busy service.


If you want to buy your ticket on the day of travel leave enough spare time to allow for queuing at the ticket office. Chances are you'll experience a horrible feeling of panic if you see your train about to leave and you haven't got your ticket!


Ask staff or look at the departure boards to see which platform your train will leave from. Follow signs to get to the platform and listen to the loudspeaker system for possible platform alterations. Bear in mind you might have to go up and down stairs, look for a lift if stairs aren't an option for you.


Get on the train! Put your luggage in the overhead racks rather than on the seat next to you as you may stop someone else sitting down. Just think how annoyed you'd be if you needed a seat and someone else was using up a perfectly good one for their bag or feet.


Relax. Now you have your seat you are in a good place to forget about everything and just be transported to your destination. It is a good idea to pay attention to the announcements so you have an idea of how many stops there are until you get off or if you are approaching your destination. But don't worry too much about whereabouts you are as it is usually announced when your stop is coming up. If there are no announcements ask the conductor for the time when the train is expected to arrive.


Get off the train. If you have lots of luggage try to get it all together and stand near the door ready to get off the train. If you didn't hear the announcement ask someone nearby which stop you are approaching so you don't get off at the wrong place! Remember to press the buttons near the doors to open them. They won't open on their own.


Look out for seats for disabled travellers. When a train is full people tend to sit in these seats. If a disabled person, or a pregnant women gets on, it is customary for those people in these seats to offer to get up.



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