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Tips when you travel by train

- Don't be afraid to ask other passengers questions however try not to stop people who are obviously in a rush as you might make them miss their train.

- If you do have to jump on a train without buying your ticket first, remember you can't usually use railcards or other discount cards when buying a ticket on the train. - Also some stations, such as Manchester Piccadilly, require you to have a ticket before you can access the platforms and there may be penalty fares in place for passengers who board a train without a ticket, especially in London.

- If you feel uncomfortable looking at other people, don't sit on a table facing a stranger. There will be a lot of eye contact, especially if you don't have a book or laptop, so if you are too shy to strike up a conversation, sitting at a table is not recommended.

- If you are traveling by train for the first time it will feel quite scary, especially if you have to make connections to other services, but just relax and ask other passengers or station staff for help if you are unsure or confused.

- If you have a large suitcase or bag, watch the train as it comes into the station and note where the luggage racks are and try to use a door near one. It is often impossible to get from one end of a carriage to another lugging a huge case behind you and you might end up getting stuck standing next to the door with your case.

- If the train is busy and there are no seats, be prepared to stand for the length of the trip. Keep your eyes open for people leaving seats and be quick to jump in them! Unless there is a pregnant lady or elderly person standing too, then you should offer the seat to them first.

- Respect other passengers, don't play your music too loud or if travelling in a group remember that some people may be trying to sleep and you may be unknowingly talking loud enough to keep them from being able to rest.


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