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The Internet abuse.


If you think of all the information people have been given about the increasing use of the Internet system, you could be forgiven for thinking that youngsters all over the world are using it. But you would be wrong.0__________ D

A specialist company called Research Machines (RM) develops and supplies information systems, software and services to junior and secondary schools, colleges and universities 1).

Although schools can be expected to use the Internet responsibly, some individuals cannot. This can have disastrous results. Internet users communicate with one another by using telephone circuits, and, like RM, most Internet systems charge a standard fee with no time charges. This could lead to heavy Internet users taking advantage of this standard fee, and spending hours on the net. This jams local telephone circuits and may prevent ordinary bill-paying telephone users from making calls, even in emergencies 2)..

Not only do Internet users jam telephone circuits and create inconvenience and possible danger to telephone users, but they also cost the telephone companies a great deal of money 3)

The problem is that while it is causing the telephone companies money quite legal. Telephone companies say hat Internet users are abusing the networks and this is fast turning into war. But it is a war that will have to be fought on an international scale 4)..

At an international conference in Salt Lake City, former British Prime Minster Margaret Thatcher warned that The Internet might be abused by evil individuals 5).

Margaret Thatcher also expressed concern at the harm that is being caused by children who have access to the information on the Internet. RM, in the meantime, has restricted access to information it feels may be unsuitable and monitors newsgroups to asses whether their programmes are likely cause offence 6).

Of course it is inevitable that there be drawbacks to something as powerful as an international communications system. But with RM, the benefits that young people stand to gain will certainly be to their advantage.


A This has already happened during snowstorms on the east coast of America. It has become a nightmare for telephone companies, who are campaigning to have the Internet system regulated by laws.

B She went on to say, "You must remember that the glories of science are morally neutral. They are just as easy for you to use for good as for a tyrannical dictator to use against his own people."

C Now, thanks to the Internet, anyone can offer such services; there is no advantage in owning the telephone lines. Worse, the Internet is already starting to embrace more traditional telephone services.

D It isn't as though they wouldn't want to, given the opportunity, but there isn't the time or the money in many junior schools to let them. Although computers are now used widely in schools, most lack the funds and teachers with enough technical expertise to be able to successfully install or operate an Internet system.

E The companies frequently have to replace and install expensive new circuits. This is a result of the fact that Internet users are continually overloading their systems.

F Another international battle is looming on the horizon. This time it is going to be over what is allowed to be transmitted on the Internet.

G It specialises in the British education system and offers some very comprehensive packages. RM sets a fixed annual fee and this means that users have the advantage of spending a longer time on the Internet without continually having to worry about the cost.|

H Of 15,000 news groups, RM has banned around 8,000. This attitude is a cry from the irresponsible one being demonstrated by a number of people on the open Internet.

I Additional knowledge of computers can enhance their chances of employment and the sharing of knowledge and ideas can only be a good thing. However, encouraging responsible use is the way forward.


Ex.1 What problems are mentioned in the article? Were any solutions to them mentioned? Have you ever faced such problems? Discuss them with your group-mates.


Ex.2. Look at the following words in bold in the text and try to explain them:

specialist, develops, individuals, charge, net, jams, prevent, emergencies, create, conference, assess, gain

Ex.3 Ask ten questions to the text.


Ex.4. Fill in the appropriate word(s) from the list below:


operate, software, install, circuits, overload, transmit, comprehensive packages, users, screen, Internet


Learning to 1) _____a computer is not as difficult as many people think. Computers can be expensive to buy, but you can often get 2) ______containing all the equipment you need at a discount from big companies. Some companies will even 3) _______the system for you. Your system will also include various kinds of 4) ______such as word-processing and game programmes, all stored on disks. When you put the disk into the computer, the programme or information can be displayed on the 5) _______. Many computer 6) _______.go on the 7) ______This is a system that links computers, making it possible to 8) ______information from one system to another in a different place via the telephone. This can cause problems, because addicts who use their computers all the time can 9) ________ the phone 10) _____, meaning that other people cannot make ordinary phone calls.


Text 27

You are going to read an article about crime. Seven sentences have been removed from the article. Choose from the sentences (A-H) the one which fits each gap (1-6). There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use. There is an example at the beginning (0).


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