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Making money on the Internet.


The Internet boom may be over but there is still a chance for ordinary punters to make solid, if not spectacular profit by using the net. People willing to build their own website can benefit from affiliate schemes run by other companies by which your site links to theirs and you get a cut of every resulting sale. There are a variety of schemes that will pay you for bringing them business and, unless your website is somehow inappropriate, the chances are they'll accept you.

Then of course you have to get people to your site and interested in buying, so it has to offer more than a string of pleas for cash. Maybe you have some pocket of expertise and can write, for example, the angling site, while offering paying links to sources of outdoor clothes and angling books. Perhaps you're a gadget fan who can offer people a link to an electronics shop. Give the people logging on a reason to return and the chances are they will. Never forget, though, your site needs to be kept up to date, and there can be fierce competition in| some areas.



Ex.1 Find the right variant.

1. In the writer's view, the Internet

A offers many lucrative opportunities.

encourages the creation of unsuitable websites.

is no longer an appropriate means of selling goods.

D can provide individuals with a substantial income.

2. The writer stresses that for a site to be successful

A it needs constant revision at the start.

B there must be a secondary appeal.

it needs to avoid direct sales.

D it must be well-written

Ex.2. Do you use the Internet? If not, would you like to? Which of these things do you (or would you like to) use the Internet for?

finding information on-line, shopping, sending e-mails, playing games, joining chat groups, making money


Ex.3. Read the list of points about the Internet and mark them A (advantage) or D (disadvantage). Then, act out short dialogues in pairs, as in the example.

....... 1 Web pages with photographs, music and video make downloading slow and boring.

....... 2 The latest information is available to you at any time, quickly and easily.

....... 3 On-line shopping can save you time and money.

....... 4 With so much information, finding what you want can take hours.

....... 5 You can share your hobbies and special interests with newsgroups and chat groups.

....... 6 There is too much advertising instead of real information.

....... 7 You can make new friends in chat groups.

....... 8 Making 'chat friends' is not the same as actually meeting people.

....... 9 You can send mail fast and cheaply.

SA: One of the disadvantages of using the Internet is that web pages with photographs, music and video make downloading slow and. boring.

SB; I agree, but on the other hand, the latest information is available to you at any time, quickly and easily.


Text 26

You are going to read a magazine article about the Internet. Seven paragraphs have been removed from the article. Choose from the paragraphs A-I one which fits each gap (1-6). There is one extra paragraph which you do not have to use. There is an example at the beginning (0).

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