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Hi-Tech Thievery


Hi-tech bandits and mischief-makers are on the loose, stealing phone messages, selling access codes, taking computer parts and using advanced equipment to commit fraud and other crimes. According to a survey released by a New York accounting firm, most American companies have some sort of loss.0) E

Recently, the large computer company IBM said that it was helping the FBI investigate the theft of computer parts, which may have cost the company tens of millions of dollars. As the majority of the population becomes more computer literate, hi-tech crime is increasing. In California and Southeast Asia, organised crime is costing companies a fortune.1) _____

Most of the parts are microprocessors and memory chips. There is great demand for the chips on the black market, and there have been at least ten armed robberies in California, all for memory chips.2) ____

The biggest problem, though, is telecommunications fraud, especially involving cellular phones. There are 11 million cell phones in America alone, and each has its own serial number and identification number.3) ____

The reason is that the numbers validate phone calls and charge the customer. In New York City police recently arrested a gang of six men for selling phones with stolen serial and identification numbers. When a call is made from one of the illegal cell phones, the charge is made to the real owner.4) ____

New techniques for protecting information will help to stop the tide of high-tech crime – but thieves will always find new ways of beating the system.

Using electronic devices, the gang picked these numbers up from the airwaves. Then, police say, they used personal computers to programme the stolen numbers into cell phones. These phones were often sold to immigrants for about 250 dollars. They would often make international phone calls and run up huge bills on other people's accounts. Phone pirates are also active in Hong Kong. In a police raid on an electronics shop, 130 phones were found and seven people were arrested.

A recent report suggests that companies are often at risk from security breaches by their own employees.5) ___ And so-called wide area networks are opening formerly internal information to the outside world. To beat high-tech crime, companies will have to rely on even more technology. New digital cellular phones will have more complex numbers that won't be transmitted and so can't be copied. But because many American firms have tightened security on their telephones, thieves are now attacking firms in other countries.6) ____


A. Gangs in these places have been stealing essential parts for computers by the truckload.

B. These numbers are highly prized by thieves.

C. New computer networks are giving an unusually large number of employees access to information.

D. Robbers are hacking into computers to steal secret information.

E. Most of this is due to security breakdowns in their computer systems.

F. This type of fraud is responsible for up to one million dollars per year in illegal phone calls.

G. Canada has recently witnessed a whole series of these incidents.

H. These chips have recently become as valuable as gold in California.


Ex.1 How do you understand the word combination “hi-tech crime”? What hi-tech crimes do the hi-tech bandits commit?


Ex.2 a) Make other parts of speech from these words and translate them:

Thievery, robbery, attacking, account, investigate, employees, security, active

b)Find all words connected with crime.


Ex.3 Match the words and their definitions:

access, to hack, computer chip, network, equipment, telecommunications, device

1) the tools, machines, clothes etc that you need to do a particular job or activity

2) the right to enter a place, use something, see someone etc

3) a small piece of silicon that has a set of complicated electrical connections on it and is used to store and process information in computers

4) a machine or tool that does a special job

5) a set of computers that are connected to each other so that they can share information

6) secretly find a way of getting information from someone else's computer or changing information on it

7) the sending and receiving of messages by telephone, radio, television etc


Ex.4 Insert the right preposition:


1)_____ the black market, 2) to be ____risk, 3) to give access ____information, 4) to hack ____ computers, 5) to rely _____ technology, 6) to arrest a gang _____ selling phones, 7)open information ___ the outside world, 8) to programme the stolen numbers ______ cell phones, 9) great demand ____ the chips, 10) according _____ a survey


Ex.5 Ask ten questions to the text.




Text 28

Ex.1. Read the text and answer the questions:

1. What is hypertext?

2. What is modern hypertext like?

3. Who is the “father” of modern hypertext?

4. What are “Hyperwords”?


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