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Definitions of Communication

Communication has been defined by many theorists; some of these definitions are quoted here.

• Communication is a process of passing information and understanding from one person to another. - Keith Davis

• Communication is any behavior that results in an exchange of meaning. - The American Management Association

• Communication may be broadly defined as the process of meaningful interaction among human beings. More specifically, it is the process by which meanings are perceived and understandings are reached among human beings. - D. E. McFarland

• Communication is the process by which information is passed between individuals and/or organizations by means of previously agreed symbols. - Peter Little


Attributes of Communication

1. Communication is unintentional as well as intentional.

2. Communication is a dynamic process.

3. Communication is systemic.

4. Communication is both interaction and transaction.


Process of Communication

1. Source /Sender, is the one who initiates the action of communicating

2. Audience or Receiver is the person(s) for whom the communication is intended

3. Goal or Purpose is the sender's reason for communicating, the desired result of the communication

4. Message/ Content is the information conveyed

5. Medium /Channel is the means or method used for conveying the message

6. Feedback is the receiver's response to the communication as observed by the sender

7. Environment /Context is the background in which the communication takes place. .


The functions of the receiver are:

1 Attending to the received message, that is, listening, reading or observing

2 Decoding the received message

3 Interpreting and understanding the meaning of the message

4 Responding to the message

5 Giving feedback to the sender of the message


The functions of the sender are:

1. Being clear about the goal/purpose of the communication

2. Finding out about the understanding and needs of the target audience

3. Encoding the required information and ideas with symbols to create the message to suit the receiver/ audience

4. Selecting the medium to send the message

5. Making efforts to get feedback, that is, finding out the response of the target audience








What is communication? Name the factors of communication.

Explain the terms encoding, decoding, channel, medium, sender, receiver, context, feedback, as they are used in describing the process of communication.

What are the four attributes of communication?

What are the functions of the sender/receiver?

Give examples of unintentional communication.

How does environment affect communication?

What is meant by ""Communication is a two-way process"?

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