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Jewish Holidays


There are a lot of funny Jewish holidays in the culture of Israel. All festivals are celebrated according to the Jewish calendar, in which the year starts in September and October. As in according in Jewish tradition, the day ends with a sunset, so all the holidays begin to be celebrated the night before.

The main events in Israel are:

• Rosh Hashanah - the Jewish New Year

• Yom Kippur - Judgment Day

• Hanukkah - The Festival of purification

• Purim - a holiday of saving Jews

• Passover - a holiday commemorating the exodus of Jews from Egypt

• Independence Day

• Shavuot - the holiday of Torah Jews


Israelite music


Jewish folk music


Religious Jews dance Jewish dance


Jewish folk music was originated a long time ago , probably even before the arrival of the Jews in Israel . Later on Jewish music was greatly influenced by Arabic tunes and Hasidic prayer chants. Musical tunes from Spain, Morocco, Eastern Europe, Russia and America can be traced in the folk Israel music.

Becoming very popular the song "Havanagila" appeared only at the beginning of the XX century. It was written by the composer and collector of folklore Abraham Zvi Idelson,

relying on an old theme of the song of Hasidim. The title of the song "Havanagila" (הבהנגילה) means "let us be marry". It is performed on holidays and during festivals. The song was so popular that it is considered national now and the song became the most important musical symbol of Israel.


Modern Israelite music


The group «Infected Mushroom» The singer Dana International



Modern music of Israel has gained popularity outside of the country. The most famous among Russians is the singer Dana International, who won the contest "Eurovision" in 1998.

Electronic music is also popular in the country, known for Infected Mushroom and Skazi.


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