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VIII. Complete the crossword. Use the given pictures as clues.

1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 6.

7. 8.

IX. Read some historical facts about Whirlwind computer and complete the table below.

Historical note

The Whirlwind computer was developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) between 1945 and 1951 in a project directed by Jay Forrester. The development of Whirlwind began during World War II as part of a research project to develop a universal flight trainer that would simulate flight. The project was first carried out in the Servomechanisms Laboratory. A key part of the Whirlwind design was the high-speed and highly reliable magnetic core memory for the computer storage system, replacing electrostatic storage tubes. Processor speed was initially 20 KIPS (Thousands of Instructions Per Second). The processor was built from 18,000 vacuum tubes drawing about 50 watts each.

MIT Whirlwind   1.Name of the project:
2.Start of project:  
3. Completed:  
4. Speed:  
5. Input/output:  
6. Technology:  
7. Floor space:  
8. Project leader:  



Time clauses

Time Clause answer the question when? Time clauses cannot stand alone except as an answer to a question.

The time clause can come before or after the main clause. When it comes before, it is usually folowed by a comma. But if the main course comes first, no comma is used.

  • While Anna was sleeping, a plane flew over her house.
  • I'll start driving when you give me the keys.

Which conjunction?

  • things happening at the same time - while, when, as
  • one thing happening after another - after, before, as soon as, when, once
  • every time - when, whenever, every time
  • when things started - since, ever since
  • when things finish - until, by the time

XI. Complete the sentences using the appropriate conjunctions.

1. He has had the same job _____ he graduated from the university.

2. He's taking a year out _____ he goes to university.

3 I had to wait a week _____ I got an answer.

4. _____ I had read the whole report, I began to understand the nature of the problem.

5. _____ she has the chance she likes to visit the gym

6. _____ I have some news, I'll phone you.

7. _____ she had finished her degree, she got a job in marketing.

8. You'll find it gets easier _____ you get more experience.

9. It sounds easy _____ you try explaining it to somebody else.

10. _____ she was studying at college, she stayed in the Halls of Residence.

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