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V. Decide whether the following statements are true or false.

1. The task of the first computers was to control planes in flight.

2. Autopilot can be used to control the fuel flow in the plane.

3. Computers have been built in all sizes and for a multitude of purposes.

4. Special purpose computers are designed to do one or a few specific tasks.

5. The first electronic computers were employed in aviation by NACA in 1930s.

6. Multi-purpose computers are those like mainframe computers used by large corporations and government entities as well as desktop personal computers.

7. The first electronic computers were based on mechanical gears and levers to make simple decisions.

VI. Match the words from two columns to make up collocations mentioned in the text and translate them into Ukrainian.

1. radar a. system

2. interceptor b. dynamics

3. wind c. device

4. fluid d. airplane

5. analog e. engineer

6. flight f. simulator

7. pneumatic g. equipment

8. aeronautical h. tunnel

9. mechanical i. computer

VII. Choose the appropriate collocation from the Ex. IV to complete the passages.

1. A _____ uses compressed air to transmit and control energy. _____ is safer than electromotive one because it can work in inflammable environment without causing fire or explosion.

2. Most of the significant problems in _____ have been solved only recently, due to the advent of computers. Daniel Bernoulli was a well-known mathematician and all around scientist. He made many contributions to the field of _____.

3. _____ designs, develops, tests and oversees the building of aircraft, aircraft propulsion systems, airframes and control surfaces. _____ spends a lot of time researching information, working with complex equations, using computers and discussing possibilities with colleagues.

4. _____ has a sensor on board that can measure some physical quantity that changes during the flight. Some _____ have more the one sensor. Because some sensors are better for one type of event while other sensors are better for other event types.

5. _____ is used by all services in order to search various objects on ground in the air and on the sea. Most _____ uses a long or medium wavelength.

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