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Ex. 2. State the voice of the verb in the following sentences. Translate these sentences.

1. The students left the experiment unfinished. 2. Algebraic language is used to express mathematical ideas. 3. The members of the equality are connected by the equality sign. 4. The result will be checked immediately. 5. We shall study higher mathematics next term. 6. This property was discussed in the previous chapter. 7. All the facts are summarized in this statement. 8. Will the test be written on Monday? 9. The student showed me his graduation paper a few days ago. 10. She will be told about their recent investigations in the field of algebra. 11. They told the foreign scientists about their studies in the theory of programming. 12. Their calculations will not be used in his work.

Pre-Reading Activity

Guess the meaning of the following words.

Expression [Iks`preS(q)n], identical [aI`dentik(q)l], conditional [kqn`dIS(q)nl], accuracy [`xkjurqsI], classify [`klxsifaI], linear [`lInIq], transformation [,trxnsfq`meiS(q)n], original [q`rIGqnl], reduce [rI`djHs].

Read and learn the basic vocabulary terms.

equation (n) [i`kweiSqn] Ц уравнение

statement (n) [`steItmqnt] Ц утверждение, формулировка

finite (a) [`faInaIt] Ц конечный

variable (a) [`vFqriqbl] Ц переменна€

identical (a) [aI`dentIkql] Ц аналогичный

briefly (adv) [`brJflI] Ц кратко

root (n) [rHt] Ц корень

aid (n) [eId] Ц помощь

illustrate (v) [`IlqstreIt] Ц иллюстрировать

restriction (n) [rIs`trIkSqn] Ц ограничение

substitute (v) [`sAbstitjHt] Ц замещать, замен€ть

satisfy (v) [`sxtIsSaI] Ц удовлетвор€ть

linear (a) [`lInIq] Ц линейный

quadratic (a) [kwq`drxtIk] Ц квадратичный

cubic (a) [`kjHbIk] Ц кубический

integral (n) [`IntIgrql] Ц интеграл, целое число

fractional (a) [`frxkSqnql] Ц дробный

rational (a) [`rxSqnl] Ц 1. рациональный; 2. целесообразный

irrational (n) [i`rxSqnl] Ц иррациональное число

original (a) [O`rIGqnl] Ц первоначальный

extraneous (a) [eks`treInjqs] Ц посторонний, чуждый



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