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Ex. 1. Read these sentences. Compare the predicates in these pairs of sentences

a 1. I attend all lectures at the University. 2. We often use the Internet. 3. He applies a new method in his research.     4. Scientists know all fundamental discoveries. All lectures at the University are attended by me. The Internet is often used by us. A new method is applied in his research. Новый метод применяется в его исследовании. All fundamental discoveries are known to our scientists.


b 1. He finished the article yesterday. 2. We studied the rule at the lesson last week.   I developed a new system of notation. The article was finished by him yesterday. The rule was studied at the lesson last week. Это правило изучили на уроке на прошлой неделе. A new system of notation was developed by me.
с   1. We shall discuss a new program at the lecture tomorrow. 2. He will answer all your questions after the lecture. 3. The writer will publish his book next year. A new program will be discussed at the lecture tomorrow. All your questions will be answered after the lecture. The book will be published by the writer next year. Книга будет опубликована писателем в следующем году.
d Interrogative   1. The operations with symbols are performed in algebra. 2. The first coefficient is represented by the letter. 3. Some interesting facts were found in that book. 4. The report will be prepared in time. Are the operations with symbols performed in algebra? Is the first coefficient represented by the letter? Were any interesting facts found in that book? Will the report be prepared in time?
e Negative 1. This combination is used in the new system. 2. Such members are easily multiplied. 3. I was told to solve another equation. 4. The order of the operations will be discussed later. This combination is not used in the new system. Such members are not easily multiplied. I was not told to solve another equation. The order of the operations will not be discussed later.


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