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Evolution (from Lat. Evolutio) – is a deployment and involution (from Lat. Involutio) – is a clotting.

Usually, these two terms are used mainly for describing and disclosing the nature of processes and phenomena taking place in the history of life of the biological forms.

However, in reality it is something more, and both of these concepts can be seen in a global sense, in relation to absolutely any form of life.

The main living form, which lies at the base of all, it is an elementary particle, a soul, using the language of occultism. And the processes of evolution and involution occur in each particle.

Evolution – it's the same thing as the exhalation of Brahma, the birth of the Spirit (Ether).

Involution – is the opposite process – the inhalation of Brahma, the destruction (dissolution) of the Spirit (Ether).

Involution and evolution are in the same list of pairs of opposites, which is based on the "unity and struggle" of Yin and Yang, Matter and Spirit, of the particles with the Fields of Attraction and the particles with the Fields of Repulsion.

These two words – evolution and involution – should be used in this context.

However, they can be given some different meaning and be used for describing of some other processes, in the same time, closely related to ones that have been mentioned at the beginning.

You can call by the involution the processes of rapprochement and unification of the particles or their conglomerates (bodies), because in them there is a process of Involution – Clotting, Destruction of Ether, which finds expression in half of the existing particles in the form of Fields of Attraction.

The process of gravity (attraction) can be called by the Involution.

Although still gravity – it’s rather a consequence of the existence of involution. Just because the gravity is caused by an involution, it (gravity) can be viewed as an involution process.

About the same thing we can say about the evolution and anti-gravity. We can call the process of repulsion (antigravity) by the evolution, leading to the expansion of bodies, to increasing the distance between the particles and to their distance from each other and from the crowd.

Although, as in the case of gravity, it is not true completely identify with each other the evolution and anti-gravity, and the second here (evolution) – is the cause of the first (repulsion). And so, in general, the repulsion of particles and bodies and expansion of bodies – this is certainly an evolutionary process.

You can look at the involution and evolution from a slightly different point of view. In this case, the involution and evolution are two phenomena that demonstrate the two sides of the building process of the Seventh Plan - Logoic.

Both conditions exist simultaneously. However involution preceded the onset of evolution. We can assume the evolution of the secondary to the involution. Evolution would have never started, if not previously started the involution.

Involution – is the process of connecting with each other the elementary particles. At the heart of the involution is the mechanism of attraction.

The cause of involution – are the particles with the Fields of Attraction. An example of the involution – is the formation of the Central Body of our Universe.

Evolution, in turn, is completely dependent on the involution. At the heart of it is the mechanism of the transformation of the external manifestations of the quality of the particles.

The cause of evolution – are the particles having the Field of Repulsion.

Although the cause of involution - particles Fields of Attraction, but in the process of unification of the particles involved not only them, but also particles with Repulsion Fields.

That is to the particles with the Fields of Repulsion refers an esoteric concept of "Lucifer".

"Light-carrying" of the particles with the Fields of Repulsion – is the emission of light by them, i.e. the Ether (Spirit).

Hence such esoteric expression as "The Fall of Lucifer" should understand not only as a process of involution of particles with Repulsion Fields. But as the fact that these particles are involved in the common process of merging oà elementary particles, along with particles with Fields of Attraction.

As part of each Plan are the particles with the Fields of Repulsion. As a part of the upper three Plans they predominate.

The synonym for "The Fall of Lucifer" – is "the Dive of the Spirit into the Matter".

In the esoteric literature the “Spirit” is called as the particles with the Fields of Repulsion, and the “Matter” is the particles with the Fields of Attraction.

The Dive of the Spirit into the Matter” – it’s a compound of the particles with the Fields of Repulsion with the particles with the Fields of Attraction – i.e. their involution.

The result is “Ascension of the Matter to Heaven” - the separation of particles with the Fields of Attraction together with the particles with Repulsion Fields from the total number of involution ones and therefore connected to each other, and distancing them from the heavenly bodies.

"Ascension of the Matter to Heaven" – this is the Evolution.

Moving away from the total number of particles – i.e. evolve – representatives of any of the four Kingdoms.

For example, the evolution of minerals – is the eruption of volcanoes. But it’s not only this.

The evolution of plants – is their growing up, i.e. from the center of the planet.

Animals are able to run and jump – i.e. break away from the surface of the planet.

Human evolution still has a more technical focus.

For example, it’s a flight into space.

The evolution turn of the body (an organized system) can be described as the process of gaining independence from the total conglomerate of elementary particles that gave rise to the organism.

The topic of evolution is presented in the language of human thinking and language by the images of flight, gaining of wings, separation, elevation, spin-off from the crowd.

Synonyms for the expression “Ascension the Matter into Heaven" – are “Easter”, “Exodus”, “Ascension”, “Salvation”.


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