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Six simple Plans of the Universe take part in the formation of the seventh, complex – Logoic.

Taken together all seven Plans – six simple and one comprehensive (Logoic Plan) – can be named as the “Tree of Life”, using the cabbalistic symbolism.

The whole Manifested Universe is formed by ten Sephiroth where the Three Higher are the Three Main Hypostases of Creator – Matter, Spirit, and Soul, and the Seven Lower are the seven basic types of souls in every level of each Plan. Existing in this world, we thus "eat fruits" of this Tree.

You can speak figuratively, that every elementary particle – is "the fruit of the Tree of Life".

At first in the Universe the celestial bodies arose – it’s the Mineral Kingdom. In the formation of it was attended the elementary particles only of the Physical Plan.

Chemical elements of the Mineral Kingdom became the basis and the elementary particles of all other Plans in the process of building by them the Logoic Plan “fixed” to it.

The particles of the underlying Plan always serve as a basis for the particles of overlying Plan. Each Kingdom of Nature therefore is called as the Kingdom that its representatives substantially improve the evolutionary rates and thereby begin to dominate over representatives of the previous Kingdom.

The Vegetable Kingdom arose on the basis of chemical elements of the Mineral one and the guideline of plants became the elementary particles of the Astral Plan.

The Animal Kingdom flourished on the basis of Vegetable under the guidance of particles of the Mental Plan.

By the basis of the Human Kingdom the Animal Kingdom became, and its guiding principle – is the particles of the Buddhic Plan.

The Superhuman Kingdom that will develop on the basis of Human One, will take the particles of two Plans – Atmic and Monadic.

After that in the Universe, there would be a huge number of such creatures could be considered that the purpose of the Creator to this Manvantara has achieved – the Kingdom of God exists as a reality.

All the planets and many of the moon in a certain period of their existence make their contribution to the formation of the Logoic Plan – are involved in the creation of the "Tree of Life".

And now let’s talk about the esoteric symbolism of the Kingdoms of Nature. This is completely new information.

Until today, yet nowhere among the people it is not mentioned that the kingdoms of Nature can be described by any symbols.

A representative of any Kingdom – is a product of combining of elementary particles of different plans.

A chemical element, a representative of the Logoic Plan, is the basis on which are strung particles of all Plans.

Each Kingdom of Nature is marked by the accession of the particles of one more, overlying Plan.

In order to show that the particles of different Plans are connected in the whole one, it’s used the symbol of the flower – lotus. Each petal in the flower – is a symbol of elementary particles of any Plan.


1) One-petal Lotus - is a something middle between two astrological signs – Aries and Taurus – a symbol of the Mineral Kingdom.

One single petal tells us that elementary particles of different levels of only Physical Plan are united in the composition of any chemical element of the mineral kingdom.




2) Two-petal Lotus – is the symbol of infinity, eight – is a symbol of the Vegetable Kingdom.



3) Three-petal Lotus – 666, the Number of the Beast, the Mark of the Beast – is a symbol of the Animal Kingdom.

In the human mind the fear of biblical prophecies. But all is not as bleak as it seems at first glance.

Bible in general can’t be taken literally. It is written in parables, is permeated by allegories, is saturated by images.



For example, let’s consider what is the "Mark of the Beast" or otherwise "the Number of the Beast" It is nothing like an esoteric symbol of the Animal Kingdom.

Draw on the paper trefoil – three-petal lotus – here's before you the Number of the Beast, three sixes – 666. Each petal of the trefoil – this is a six (6).

The particles of the Mental Plan join to the chemical elements that are the components of some departments of the brain of animals.

As a result, elementary particles of three Plans - Physical, Astral and Mental are combined in the Animal Kingdom. And each petal, i.e. every six – it’s a symbol of one of the three Plans.


4) Four-petal Lotus – it’s the Christian Cross, the Swastika – it’s a symbol of Man's Kingdom.



The Christian Cross and swastika – are the same things. Their images are a bit different from one another, but in general, they represent the same meanings.

The Nazis adopted the swastika as its symbol, and under its auspices were doing evil. However, the Christian Cross also stained with blood, remember the Crusades and the Holy Inquisition. As you can see, the symbols are not with it. Selfish, militant people are able to denigrate anything.

Elementary particles of the Buddhic Plan join to the chemical elements in the neurons of the cerebral cortex of people.

As a result, the particles of four Plans - Physical, Astral, Mental and Buddhic come together at people.


5) Five-petal lotus – Pentagram, Five-pointed star – is the symbol of the first of superhuman Kingdoms following after humanity.



The particles of five Plans - Physical, Astral, Mental, Buddhic and Atmic are combined together in bodies of representatives of this Kingdom.


6) Six-petal Lotus – Star of David – is a symbol of more advanced beings.



Representatives of this Kingdom on the Earth are Buddha, Christos and other Ascended Masters about whom we hear so much.

In the bodies of representatives of this Kingdom besides elementary particles of enumerated above five Plans there are also the particles of the sixth Plan – Monadic.

The Kingdom of Super humans is engendered on the Earth and exists for a long time in our Solar system and in the borders of Universe.

And it displays in totality what in Bible is named the God’s Kingdom, or otherwise the Heavenly Kingdom.


Date: 2015-01-11; view: 1784

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