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IV 3.Ask me about my school life.

Did you like your school when you were a pupil?

What marks did you get at school?

Did you come to school in time?

What was your favourite subject?

Did you do your homework regularly?

How much time did it take you to do your homework?

Did you respect your teachers?

Did you have classes on Saturday?

How much time did it take you to do your homework?

IV 4.What can you advise a student who is not very good at languages to do to achieve better results?

Variant 1

Nowadays its almost impossible to imagine any profession without global communication. You need a foreign language so as to contact your colleagues from different countries, to read about advanced ideas in your professional branch or to visit a conference. Your employer will prefer to have a person who is potentially able to manage all these things. So, if a person has got a strong motivation, itll be easy for him/ her to make progress in English. First of all its necessary to learn English after classes. For example to watch English films, listen to different educational programs, songs, read in English. The Internet can offer you a great variety of activities connected with learning languages.

Variant 2

If you want to succeed in any kind of activity you had better make it the most enjoyable thing in the world for you. If you have some problem with grammar you should listen to audiobooks, for example. Taking grammar patterns as a whole may help you make up for not knowing something about rarely used grammar rules. Making mistakes is an inevitable thing and concentrating on hyper correctness will not do you any good. If you are a bookworm with poor memory for spelling rules, do read a lot. in the end you will memorise all the words you really need to know to communicate effectively. There are many words in English and you dont have to learn all of them by heart if you want to order pizza at a cafe.

Variant 3

If you want to achieve any good results you have to concentrate on doing it. You cant become an expert in something if you fail to study a subject of your choice more than 1 hour per day. If you want to know something you should learn it by heart. Memorising something is the only way to succeed in learning. Read out what you need and write it down. Revision is also important. All people tend to forget the material which is not used on a daily basis.


IV 5.Nowadays some young people complain that they have lots of problems at school. Do you agree with them?


There are always people who complain about something. The same thing happens at school. Personally, I dont like these wet blankets. They may not like teachers or subjects or timetables or what not. They are always complaining about their huge home tasks or something else. There may be two reasons for such behavior: either they are lazy or depressed. To tell you the truth, this group is not a numerous one. I try to avoid such people.

Today some young people want to study abroad because they believe that the level of education is higher there. Would you do the same?

Yes its true about some people. But they want to go abroad not because the level of education is better there. They go there because in future they will have more opportunities. The level of living conditions is much better in some other countries. Besides they will improve their knowledge of foreign languages. Also there are people who are looking for adventures and want to be independent from their parents. Going abroad is the best opportunity to enjoy both.

As for me I

Variant 2

I dont think that it is true. We experience some problems at school, but our parents had the same problems as well. The problems are the same: low marks, bad behaviour, much homework. There is nothing new. We shouldnt complain to everyone about them. We had better learn how to cope with them on our own.


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