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Ask me about my school life.

4.What can you advise a student who is not very good at languages to do to achieve better results?

5.Nowadays some young people complain that they have lots of problems at school. Do you agree with them?


IV 1.Let’s talk about education. What can you tell me about the place where you study?

See I 1.

IV 2.Does your school have any traditions?

My school life is connected not only with studies but with many other important things. When I think about my school years I recollect a lot of events. Many of them became traditions because they happen every year on the same dates. Some traditions are similar in all Belarusian schools, some are unique.

The school year starts on the 1st of September. It has become a tradition to open a new school year with the’ First Bell ‘ holiday. This day is special for all: school children, their teachers and parents. The day starts with the school gathering when all classes and teachers stand in front of the school and listen to the welcoming speeches of their teachers, schoolmates and parents. Students look really nice in their new school uniforms. Everyone is excited to see their school friends and teachers after long summer holidays. After the school gathering teachers take their classes to their classrooms for the first lesson. When the lesson is over, students may have a class event – a picnic or a walk in the park or a class trip. The events on this day are usually the same every year but everyone waits for this day, likes it and remembers it.

Every year in September we have the opportunity to show our athletic skills and abilities during our Sports Day. Though we have Sports weeks every season this day is also among our favourite school traditions. There is a wide range of activities. It opens with a running race. Then we have competitions in different sports, we play sports games, run, jump, climb a wall. Everyone takes part in some events. The day finishes with a Closing ceremony where winners get their prizes.

Of course we never forget to congratulate our teachers on Teacher’s Day. Some of our best students take part in School Olimpiads.

Every first Saturday of February we celebrate the School-leavers Reunion Day. School leavers of different years come to our school and speak about their school years and share their life experience with us. Then the schoolchildren give a concert. It’s usually a very interesting and useful event.

Of course such parties as New Year, the 8th of March are celebrated with great amusement.

We also get acquainted with the traditions of English-speaking countries and celebrate such holidays as Christmas ,Valentine’s Day , St Patrick’s Day and many others.

One of the most important traditions of our school is the Last Bell holiday, when the 11th forms say good-bye to their school, thank their teachers, ask children to love their school, to keep carefully its traditions. Flowers, the words of greeting, love and respect are seen and heard in every corner of the school.

Very soon we’ll have our last and traditional School Leavers’ Party.

I think I will never forget my school, teachers, classmates and our school traditions.


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