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III 3. Ask me what problems I had when I was a student.

What was the most difficult subject for you when you studied at school? Why?

How did you overcome the difficulties?

Did you get on well with your teachers?

I would like to know what subjects you didnít like at school.

Were there any bullies at your school?

Did you have any problems with your classmates or teachers?


III 4. You are talking with a British student. What would you advise him/her to do to prepare for an exam well?

Variant 1

Exam time is coming and everyone is getting ready for their board exams. This is the time of tension and pressure for both parents and students. I would like to give some advice for them:

You should review before the examination. Not on the day of examination. Be serious about preparing for the exam. While studying, if you feel tired, take a walk or do some pleasant work for you. Talk to your parents and laugh or make them laugh. You should have a timetable for study, play, sleep, bath, food etc. from the time you wake up till you go to sleep. Before the exam try to concentrate on it. Set aside all the other things and thoughts for later. Keep your emotions under control. Pull yourself together and try to clear the mind.

Variant 2

First of all every student should remember that all school-subjects are important and they must be paid much attention to. Students should do their homework correctly and try to get some extra information on this or those theme and subject; they also should learn all formulas and definitions hard.

Variant 3

First of all, if you want to do well at your exams you should attend all your classes, work hard at the lessons, make notes, because when you put down the key points , you memorize them better , ask your teacher or classmates to help you if you donít understand something. What is more, you should do your homework properly and regularly. It would be wise to make a revision timetable before the examination. If you organize your time properly, you will feel more confident, and will be more likely to get good grades. Whenever you feel under stress, you should take a break and do something relaxing for a while. And finally the night before you sit the exam, go to bed early and get a good night sleep. If you follow this advice, you will pass your exams with flying colours.


III 5. Today some young people want to study abroad because they believe that the level of education is higher there. Would you do the same?

Variant 1

Our country has a well-regarded educational system, professional teachers and fully equipped laboratories in every university and college. Thatís why I would study in my country. I can only add that there are a lot of highly-educated scientists, artists, sportsmen in our country. They receive their education in our country. And a lot of foreign students come to Belarus to study there. Our education is valuable all over the world.

Variant 2

As for me, I would prefer to study in Belarus because I think that the level of education here is quite high , what is more, the knowledge I can get in our country is more suitable for work in Belarus because laws and paperwork are different in different countries. Moreover, there is a wide choice of higher educational establishments such as universities, higher colleges, institutes, academies in our country. In Belarus I can study full time or by correspondence or at evening classes. To my mind, it is much easier to study in your own language. The most important thing for me is that I want to be close to my family and friends.


1.Letís talk about education. What can you tell me about the place where you study?

2.Does your school have any traditions?

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