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IT and the Travel Industry

Information technology (IT)is an important part of the travel business. Almost all suppliers, such as tour operators, airlines and hotels, have their own website. Customers can find information and make online bookings. There are also many ‘one-stop’ websites, like traveleasy.com. these allow people to find all the information they need on the website – for example, the cheapest deals on flights, or hotel accommodation.

Buying travel services online, rather than through a travel agent, is quicker and usually cheaper for the customer. Customers can also get more information about the services they are buying. Selling online is also cheaper for the suppliers, because they don’t have to pay to a travel agent.

Almost any job, from hotel reception to airline reservations, uses a computer. For example, to work for a hotel, travel agent, or airline, you need to be able to use a Central Reservation System (CRS) such as Sabre or Fidelio. If you want to work in IT specifically for the travel industry, you need qualifications in both IT and tourism.

When you apply for a job, you should always mention any IT skills you have, like working on spreadsheets, or designing websites. If you nave these skills, you will be more attractive to an employer.


1 Most suppliers have their own website.

2 A ‘one-stop’ website is not useful if you want information about many different things.

3 Buying and selling online is cheaper for the customer and the supplier.

4 Most jobs in the travel industry involve using a Central Reservation System.

5 You don’t need IT skills to work in the travel industry.


Places to see. Match the places with the definitions.

1 canyon a) special time for celebration and ceremonies

2 palace b) deep valley with very steep sides of rock

3 cathedral c) large mountain with a hole in the top

4 festival d) place where monks live

5 valley e) large house built for a royal family

6 monastery f) lowland between lines of hills or mountains

7 stately home g) very large church

8 volcano h) large house in the countryside


A tour guide is explaining part of the itinerary. Fill the gaps in the two sections with words or phrases from the boxes. Use each word or phrase once only.

then The next day First While we’re in On the way

We start our visit to Laos on Day 8. 1) ………, we fly to Vientiane, the capital. Next, we check in to the hotel, then the afternoon is free. 2) ……… we go sightseeing in the morning, 3) ……… we drive to Vang Vieng which is on the banks of the Nam Xong river. 4) ………, we’ll see rice paddies and drive through dense forests.

5) ……… Vang Vieng, you’re free to relax in the town, or take a walk and explore the local limestone hills – there are some spectacular caves.


en route On the following day After that On our last day

On Day 11 we drive to Luang Prabang in the morning, and you are free in the afternoon. 6) ………, there’s an early-morning climb of Mount Phousi to see the sunrise – don’t miss it!

7) ………, you’re free to enjoy the scenery, or visit the waterfalls.

8) ……… in Laos we take a fast boat to Pak Beng, visiting the Pak Ou caves 9) ……….


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