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BODY. Match the following parts of the body with the jumbled definitions on the right.

1. kidney a. organ in the head which controls thought and feeling
2. lung b. long pipe leading from the stomach which takes waste matter from the body
3. liver c. two small, fleshy organs in the throat
4. heart d. baglike organ in which food is broken down for use by the body
5. brain e. one of twenty-four bones protecting the chest
6. intestine f. one of a pair of organs which separate waste liquid from the blood
7. appendix g. one of two bony parts of the face in which teeth are set
8. tonsils h. large organ which cleans the blood
9. rib i. one of a pair of breathing organs in the chest
10.stomach j. passage from the back of the mouth down inside the neck
11.jaw k. short organ of little use which leads off the large intestine
12.throat l. organ in the chest which controls the flow of blood by pushing it round the body



Parts of the body appear in some colloquial idiomatic adjectives describing various human states and characteristics, e g. 'heavy-hearted' means 'sad'.For each adjective on the left below find the word or phrase on the right which has the same meaning.

(a) stout- hearted generous
(b) tight -fisted brave , resolute
(c) open -handed with very good hearing
d) hard-headed conceited ,self-important
(e) big-headed hypocritical
(f) weak- kneed silent, unwilling to speak
(g) sharp- eared mean, not generous
(h) tight-lipped insensitive to criticism
i) two-faced businesslike, unemotional
(j) starry-eyed cowardly, nervous
(k) thick -skinned over-romantic

17. BODY. Choose one of the four possibilities that best completes the sentence.

1. He must be terribly strong! Look at his .. .

a) skin b) limbs c) muscles d) nerves


2. He stood with his hands on his .. daring me to go past him.

a) ankles b) knees c) shoulders d) hips

3. Every tooth in my upper .. seemed to be aching.

a) chin b) cheek c) jaw d) forehead


4. When Mary twisted her ankle, John carried her home on his .. .

a) shoulders b) knees c) hands d) arms


5. His shoes were so old that his .. were sticking out of them.

a) fingers b) thumbs c) tips d) toes

6. The blind man ran the .. of his fingers over the box.
a) points b) edges c) tips d) ends

7. When people sweat, the liquid comes out through the .. of the skin.
a) veins b) vents c) pores d) holes

8. The .. is the main air passage of the body.

a) intestine b) ear c) windpipe d) kidney


9. The mam function of the heart is to .. blood round the body.
a) push b) propel c) pump d) walk

10 Arnold Schwartzeneger has an enormous chest .. .

a) growth b) swelling c) expansion d) inflation



18. Explain the meanings and give the context of the following idioms:

love the sound of your own voice

play it by ear

have (got) an ear for smth.

have(got) a familiar ring to it

be out on your ear

make a lot of noise (about smth.)

a big noise

be like music to your ears

go in one ear and out the other

face the music

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