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Read, the sayings and explain them. Find Ukrainian equivalents to them

1. A sound mind in a sound body.

2. Temperance is the best physic.

3. Gluttony kills than sword.

4. A creaking gate hangs long on its hinges.

5. Dry feet, warm head bring safe to bed.

6. A green wound is soon healed.

7. Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

8. One hourís sleep before midnight is worth two after.

9. Health is better than wealth.

10. Prevention is better than cure.

11. One manís meat is another manís poison.

12. Health is not valued till sickness comes.

13. Medicines are not meant to live on.

14. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.


Health: injuries

Common injuries


An injury is damage to part of your body, usually caused by an accident in the home, on the roads, or during a game, e.g of football. Here are some common injuries



What's the problem? How did it happen? Result Solution
1. I cut (v, n) my finger using a knife it's bleeding a bit a plaster
2. I cut my leg quite badly I fell over it's bleeding quite a lot a bandage (n,v)
3. I twisted my ankle running for a bus I can't walk on it easily rest
4. I broke my arm I fell off my bike I can't use it plaster a sling
5. I've got concussion playing football I'm confused; don't know where I am rest
6. I burnt my hand taking something out of a hot oven it's very painful special cream
7. I've got a bruise on my arm I hit it on the side of my desk it's swollen and blue/black in colour ice pack

Hospital treatment


Look carefully at the key words in these texts.

John fell off a chair, hit his head on the floor, and knocked himself unconscious. His wife called an ambulance but John was still unconscious when it arrived. He was rushed to hospital (= taken very quickly) where they kept him for two days for blood tests.

I jumped for the ball and collided with another player

(= we ran into / hit each other). We both had cuts on our

head, but I had to go to hospital for eight stitches.



Wounds and injuries


Wound (n, v) and injury are both used to describe damage to the body, but a wound is generally caused by a weapon (e.g. gun or knife) and it is usually intentional.

He shot the man in the chest. (= a bullet wound in the chest) [from a gun]

He stabbed the boy in the back. (= a knife wound in the back)

He got into a fight and got beaten up. He had a black eye and two broken ribs.


Noun Verb Noun Verb
cut wound injury shot   blood bandage bruise treatment  

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