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Medicines may cause unwanted side effects4 in some people. If, after taking this medicine for the first time, you have an asthma attack or bronchiospasm (difficulty in breathing), gastro-intestinal haemorrhage (vomiting of blood or passing of dark, tarry stools5), stop taking these pills and consult a doctor or pharmacist.


1 forming a partly solid lump

2 not having enough water in your body

3 painful infected area on the skin or inside your body

4 unwanted effects in addition to the intended one

5 medical term for (formal) excrement or (informal, childish) pooh


33. Translate the sentences. Learn the medical metaphors:


Problems and bad situations in society or other aspects of people's lives are often talked about as if they were illnesses.

The word symptom is often used when talking about problems in society.

The current spate of car thefts is a symptom of a deeper underlying problem.

This behaviour is symptomatic of his general lack of self-confidence.

The causes of a problem can be diagnosed and the outlook for a situation can also be referred to as the prognosis in the same way as we talk about the prognosis of an illness [how experts expect it to develop].

Here are some other examples of medical metaphors:


an ailing organisation [one that has a lot of problems]. The economy has been ailing for some time, but it is hoped that the new government will improve things.

a rash of burglaries [a number of similar things happening at the same time]

World Cup fever election fever [great excitement]

at fever pitch to reach fever pitch [a point of very high intensity]

With a week to go before Anne's wedding, preparations had reached fever pitch.

Experts in the history of the area take a rather jaundiced view of the likely success of the peace talks. [unenthusiastic or sceptical because of previous bad experiences]

to carry the scars of / be scarred by [be permanently affected by a negative experience]

I'm afraid that children will always be scarred by having experienced war at so young age.


34. Study the words and their definitions. Translate the examples into Ukrainian:


gene - a part of a cell in a living thing that controls what it looks like, how it grows, and how it develops. People get their genes from their parents

cholesterol - a chemical substance found in your blood. Too much cholesterol in your body may cause heart disease.

rheumatism -a disease that makes your joints or muscles painful and stiff

arthritis - a disease that causes the joints of your body to become swollen and very painful

endorphin - a chemical produced by your body that reduces pain and can make you feel happier

virus - a very small living thing that causes infectious illnesses

heart attack

1. a sudden serious medical condition in which someone's heart stops working normally, causing them great pain

have/suffer a heart attack

2, give somebody/have a heart attack

(informal) to make someone suddenly feel frightened, surprised, or shocked, or to suddenly feel this way - You almost gave me a heart attack there!

psychotherapy - the treatment of mental illness, for example depression, by talking to someone and discussing their problems rather than giving them drugs

hormone - a chemical substance produced by your body that influences its growth, development, and condition

blood pressure - the force with which blood travels through your body


a) I could print out pictures of the insects' bodies, but I had lost their genes.

So, what determines whether these genes are transcribed? But because genes are also selected in the environment provided by other genes in different species, arms races develop. One possibility is that there are master genes whose products control the activity of many others.


b) A separate report found similar cholesterolchanges in female runners.

If this is satisfactory then no further action is required, as the fasting cholesterolwill be lower than the random determination. Limit cholesterol to 300 milligrams a day. Moreover, few patients, if any, have their cholesteroldecreased to very low levels with drug treatment. Was that due to decreased amounts of cholesterol in the cancer cells?


c) And there's a bit of rheumatism in my right shoulder and arm which is something of a nuisance. Arthritis and rheumatism are prominent crippling diseases. On the bathroom shelf, Alida's special salts for rheumatism were prominently displayed. A holiday on Exmoor in the course of that summer was dogged by her rheumatism.


d) Bee stings have been known to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis.Her problem was arthritisand degenerative diseases of the heart.One of our friends with the same type of arthritis has been helped by an occupational therapist.We speak of some one who is stiff-necked long before they may become crippled with arthritis.


e) Naltrexone keeps heroin from activating endorphinreceptors, without activating them itself. They may also enhance endorphinrelease.


f) A cigarette smoker has two to three times the risk of having a heart attack than a nonsmoker. Bunn was released from trial during the summer after suffering a heart attack. It was Anderson who discovered Tilden dead of a heart attack in June of 1953. My boss is having some kind of heart attack.


g) In psychotherapywe began to discuss what Charles thought and felt about his life as a whole. She leaves her studio two mornings a week to drive in to the office in Rockland where she sees psychotherapy patients. The chapter concludes with some examples of how insights gained from psychotherapy can be useful in social work practice. These drugs can raise spirits enough to permit daily functioning and raise the motivation capacity for psychotherapy, too!


h) Antibiotics and hormones used in human drugs have been detected in drinking water and our rivers. Parents tend to blame their daughters' moody, erratic behavior on hormones, choice of friends or television-viewing habits. The blame-if you can really call it that-can be placed on their active adolescent hormones.


i) In contrast to a previous report, we found no significant inverse relations between birth weight and blood pressure. Lifting very heavy weights can also raise your blood pressure considerably for a short time.


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