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A very passionate and rebellious teacher in a very conservative school.

Words and Expressions that You may not Know

Students arrive at Welton Academy

For the beginning of the school year.



OK boys, settle down.

An alternative to calm down.


The four pillars: Tradition, honor, discipline, excellence.

A "pillar" is a physical foundation upon which something is built.

"Welton Academy."

Name of the preparatory school where the movie takes place.

75% went on to the Ivy Leagues.

A term for the most elite American Universities on the East coast, including Harvard, Yale and Princeton. Ivy is the green plant that grows on many of their buildings.

Fervent dedication.

An interesting adjective which means passionate or intense.

Preparatory School.

Expensive private high schools that prepare students for college.

They are often called "prep schools," and their students

are often called "preppies."

Thrilling ceremony.

A good adjective which means exciting, or perhaps delightful.

You have some big shoes to fill.

A way of saying that a family member you are being compared to did an excellent job in something you are going to do yourself.


A little device that produces steam to help deal with a cold.

Looks like a stiff.

Slang for a dead body, or in this case, an unappealing person.

Don't mind him. He's born with his foot in his mouth.

"Ignore him....since he's always saying stupid and foolish things."


A mockery or exaggerated imitation.

A common phrase is "a travesty of justice."


A crude adjective for a person willing to do anything to please another.


The person with the best grades in a high school class, and who

usually presents a speech at the graduation ceremony.

Extra-curricular activities.

Refers to activities like sports, clubs and so on (outside of classes).

You should drop the annual.

"To drop" something is to give it up. "The annual" is the book

that schools produce each year with photos of each student.

Tell him off!

"To tell someone off" is to yell or curse at them ("fuck you").

Oh, that's rich.

When used sarcastically, "rich" shows disgust or disbelief,

though it is rarely used this way.

They're just a bunch of jerks.

A very common term for an idiot, or perhaps an unpleasant person.

I urge you not to test me on this point.

Another way of saying "don't challenge me."



Mr. Keating arrives to teach poetry. The boys find themselves with

a very passionate and rebellious teacher in a very conservative school.


Well, come on!

Here, it means "let's go." It is probably the most widely used phrasal verb in English, and can mean everything from "be serious" to "go" to "stop it," depending on the context.

"Captain, my captain."

A quote from one of Mr. Keating's favorite poems. A "captain"

is a military leader, and often the person in charge of a ship.

Dispel rumors, so that they won't fester into facts.

"To dispel" is to eliminate. "To fester" is to generate pus, or to rot.

The intellectual equivalent of a 98 pound weakling.

An expression for one who is considered very weak.

They were throwing Byron in my face.

Byron was a great 19th century British poet: This is a way of saying that he was not too smart, and thus he didn't really understand Byron.

"Carpe Diem!"
The most important words in the movie! Latin for "seize the day," or more generally, "live life to the fullest." Although a Latin term, this movie popularized it into a relatively uncommon expression used by English speakers.

We are food for worms, lads.

A poetic way of saying we will all die and our dead bodies

will feed the worms. "Lads" is a more British term for "guys."

Full of hormones.

Body chemicals, often meaning sexual hormones.

The world is their oyster.

Common expression meaning they can do whatever they want

An "oyster" is a shellfish delicacy.

Not one iota of what they are capable of doing.

A funny little word meaning a very tiny amount.


Now they're fertilizing daffodils.

Again, a reference to the fact that all people die and return to the ground. "Fertilizer" is food for plants, and a "daffodil" is a flower.

Their legacy to you.

A "legacy" is something handed down to future generations.

Spooky, if you ask me.

A nice little word that means scary (as in ghosts).

Don't you get anything?

In this case, "to get" is used to mean understand.

Let's go, hustle up.

An old-fashioned way to say "hurry up."


Knox visits his parents' old friends, and

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