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Sustainable Urban Development!


DE-SCI 11.57 Berlin


15 Volunteers


Description:The project will be divided into three stages:

Step 1: Intensive and active online preparation before arrival.

Aim: Exchange of knowledge & experience in the field of urbanistic, city planning and alternative/sustainable lifestyles, Input on alternative usage of Urban Space (theory and creative non-formal methods and education: theatre, workshops with experts, roundtables, simulation games, and guest speakers), Presentation and discussion of the existing online platform on Urban Space - interacticity.net .

During this period the participants will also be encouraged to explore initiatives of alternative and inclusive usage of urban space in their home towns. Theoretical material and information will be shared among participants and trainers at this stage (articles, online resources, etc.).

Step 2: Berlin!
Aims: 1. Improve and optimise the online platform 2. To give the participants opportunity to collect practical experience in the research field, 3. To develop workshops which will be presented at schools.

Visiting, interviewing and adding more projects to the online platform

The Group will have project visits related to the theme of Urban Space and city planning.

Also they will have workshops from trainers on non-formal and creative education.

Experts and guest speakers will share their expertise including on how to design workshops for schools and other local groups or initiatives.


Step 3: Workshops

Aims: Peer Exchange and Education

The participants will be divided into working groups: Each group will continue research and at this stage the groups will be delivering workshops in schools and other places.

The results of this third step will be also presented on the online platform. In order to structure and disseminate knowledge, data and experiences acquired, to follow-up on ideas and evaluate the project.


Type of Work:Researching Urban Development initiatives, designing workshops, work with youngsters


Study Theme:Ecological, alternative and sustainable development in urban areas, inclusive use of urban space and opportunities

Accommodation:Educational Centre KuBiZ: http://www.kubiz-wallenberg.de/

Requirements:Interest in alternative Urban Development, enjoy research and working with youth. The project has a strong media and web-designing dimension therefore knowledge and experience in this area are very welcome.

The project is only for volunteers from Germany, Russia or Ukraine


Notes:Teaching social inclusion, diversity, ecological responsibility and sustainability in schools by presenting examples of alternative Urban Space usage in their home town and abroad, thus empowering the youth itself to take responsibility for their city and its citizens. They will learn to seize a chance and opportunity to develop their city and make it space of opportunities for many rather than for few. Youth should be actively involved in the discourse of alternative city planning. Therefore the youth should be perceived not as a passive but as an active actor that shapes the outlook, character and life of a city. The third step of the project will also enable learning of social responsibility and volunteering. The workshops in schools will moreover create a forum for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and personalised experiences, thus giving an impulse to alternative ways of learning as well as alternative city development. The workshops will also enable gathering insights on how youth perceives topics such as city development, urbanisation and consequences of globalisation and gentrification.
To apply for this project, you need to fill out a special application form. Please ask for it via incoming@sci-d.de .


Date: 2016-04-22; view: 1938

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Cultural challenges in the globalization era | Nachhaltige Urbane Entwicklung! DE-SCI 11.57 Berlin 21/08 - 10/09/2016 15 Freiwillige
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