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Task 5. Listen again and complete a conversation.

Business Strategy

To: The Board of Directors

From: Luigi Quinn, CEO

Subject: Business Strategy


Esteemed members of the Board:

I’ll make this brief. We need a new business strategy.


Two years ago, we were at the top. We need to dominate the market again. If you ask me, we were lazy and allowed our competitors to establish a foothold in what was once our field anole. However, they have only begun to enter the market while we have years of experience behind us.


I propose a new strategic goal that will increase profitability and defend our position as the industry leader.


Throughout the planning stages of this strategy, I have spoken with all the company vice presidents about the appropriate resource allocation to meet our goals.


Stabilizingour assets is goal number one.


Name recognition is goal number two.


We’ve worked hard to formulate a plan. Now we need your support. At tonight’s board meeting, I will give a formal proposal with the details of this new strategy. In preparation, please take a few moments to read the attached documents.


Let’s move our company right back into the top position.



Luigi Quinn


Task 1. Read the paraphrase of the e-mail. Fill in the blanks.

dominates recognizable assets board of directors business strategy


A company CEO is sending out an e-mail to the __________________ because he thinks they need a new ____________________. He is concerned because the company no longer __________________ the market. The CEO has two strategic goals in mind. First, to stabilize the company’s _________________, and secondly, to make the company’s name more ___________________ .


Task 2. Choose the correct word pair to fill in the blanks.

  1. With a good _____________, a company doesn’t have to _________________ its position.

a. foothold – dominate

b. strategy – defend

c. strategic goal – formulate

  1. Profits have ______________ because the company _____________ in the industry last year.

a. stabilized – dominated

b. dominated – defended

c. formulated – stabilized

  1. To become a(an) _________________, RogerCorp must gain a(an) ____________ in new market.

a. foothold – strategy

b. strategic goal – resource allocation

c. industry leader – foothold


Task 3. Check the sentence that uses the underlined part correctly.

1. A Ms. Powers formulated a new plan.

B Resource allocation involved hiring employees.

2. A The board voted to remove the strategic goal.

B The esteemed businessman has a good reputation.

3. A The employees need an industry leader.

B The new building is still in the planning stage.


Task 4. Listen to a conversation between a CEO and a director. Mark the following sentences as true or false.

  1. The woman helped create the strategic goal goals.
  2. The woman will attend the meeting tonight.
  3. The board of directors will vote on the proposal at the next meeting.


Task 5. Listen again and complete a conversation.

CEO: Yes. This company was at the top of the industry, but we’re no longer dominant. That ____________ ______________ ___________ .

Director: I agree completely.

CEO: I’m glad I have your support, Anna. I know the other board members ___________ ____________ __________ .

Director: The email says that you and the company vice-presidents have ____________ _______________ ____________ to achieve this?

CEO: Yes, we’ve been ____________ ____________ __________ for about a month now.

Director: I had _____________ ____________ that you’ve been thinking about it that long.

CEO: Well, I wanted to make sure the goals were ___________ before presenting them to the board of directors.


Task 6. You are CEO of a company. Make notes that will be used to compose a memo to the board of directors about this evening’s meeting. Talk about:

  • the time and the location of the meeting
  • what you are planning to propose at the meeting
  • when the board members will vote on your proposal




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