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US Business etiquette is not much different from the European, but has its own peculiarities. For Americans there is nothing offensive in the matter unfamiliar person about his salary, although, for example, in Germany the issue is invalid.


In the US, much easier to get acquainted and make friendships, compared, for example with Japan. The main thing is to be able to present themselves well. Americans are very energetic, open and friendly people. With new friends, you can go directly to the cause and to speak quite frankly. Expressions Let's get down to business - ĞLet's get down to business" - is very popular among Americans. During the business meeting is not made to be distracted by extraneous things - phone calls, conversations with colleagues. But jokes inserted into conversation on the subject, is considered a sign of good taste. The country speak American English, apart from London arrogant English version of the same language. So if you want to translate some materials for their future partners in the US, you should do so taking into account the peculiarities of the language.


Americans are pragmatic people, are not very loving to follow the traditions. For them, in the first place there are always individual and human rights. A resident of this country will never complain and talk about their failures. Regardless of the situation, the American will always look confident, healthy, radiating success.


The Americans say only what they think; perceive any phrase interlocutor literally. They do not understand the hints of irony; complicated statements or the hidden meaning of words can confuse them.


Before starting business negotiations Americans prefer to assemble a complete package of information about participants in future meetings. They may be asked to send a list of your delegation persons, additional requests for information about their education, accounting degrees, printing works, etc.


Americans are very law-abiding citizens. Even a small illegal commercial operation in the country could lead to imprisonment. "Tarnished" reputation of the firm put an end forever to her the possibility of cooperation with the company from the United States. Trust in America can only earn the long-term, flawless work, not friendship and connections. Therefore, the Americans there are no "special" conditions of transactions "for the". There can only be opened with any transaction partners. The main thing for Americans to partners was strong and stable, both in financial and professional relationships, and not just to earn money and lead a socially responsible business.


The Americans have a strong sense of independence, self-reliance; they are able to compete and to win always and everywhere. This is due to perceptions of citizens on the dominant US position in the world, which is laid at an early age and is at the heart of the education system.


Another one of the elements of a successful US business - speed. In America, everything happens pretty fast, everything is done "today" is not delayed for "tomorrow." Therefore, the negotiations need to be prepared for the fact that you will have to hurry, to push for action, as the Americans energetic, straightforward and always hurrying businessmen. The main thing for them - it is a success, and every success - it is a prerequisite for new victories.



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