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B Choose the correct item.

Module 3 (Spotlight 9)

V -I

A Match the words in Column A with the words/ phrases in Column B.

Column A Column B

1.sharp A chamber

2.huge B illusion

3.violent C hook

4.optical D eyes

5.torture E whirlpool

B Choose the correct word to fill in the gaps.

Sightings sights

a) Old castles are very popular in Britain.

b) Two fishermen reported of a strange ten-legged creature in the lake yesterday.

Survived existed

a) Although many people say they have seen Bigfoot, there are no fossil remains that prove the creature ever .

b) Can you imagine what would happen if a dinosaur somehow and was still alive today?

Glaring staring

a) Rosie couldnt stop at the beautiful rainbow, as it was the first time she had ever seen one.

b) Why are you at Stewart so angrily? Has he done something wrong?

Extinct mythical

a) People thought the Coelacanth was a(n) species of fish, until a fisherman caught one in 1938.

b) Annie loves story books about dragons, giants and other creatures.


C Fill in the missing word. There are three words you do not need to use

● alike ● giant ● lurks ● dull ● glimpse ● mind ● human ● brain

10.These two paintings look so much that you have to look really closely to see the few differences they have.

11.This couldnt be a(n) print; its far too wide and half a metre long!

12.Eric has a brilliant ; hes sure to become a famous scientist one day.

13.The strange creature disappeared before we managed to catch a of it.

14.According to () Norwegian legend, the Kraken was a(n) monster that lived in the sea .

D Put the verbs into the correct past tense.

15.Benjamin (gasp) in horror when he saw the ghostly figure.

16.Claire (drive) along a country road when a huge creature came out of nowhere a fell onto her car.

17.While Lisa (read) a book, her brother was listening to music.

18.Sandra (paint) for three years before she sold her first painting.

19.Alex didnt go to the photographic exhibition because he (not/ finish) his homework.

20.The research team (find) an unusual fossil and took it back to the lab to examine it.

E Choose the correct item.

21.Our house cant/ may be haunted; weve lived here for years and weve never seen or heard anything unusual going on.

22.The style of that painting must/ may be Cubism, because the artist has used square and rectangular shapes.

23.It cant/ may be a coincidence (), but isnt it strange that I was thinking about John at he exact moment he called me?


F Choose the correct response.

24.A: Last night I dreamt that a huge spider was chasing me.

B: a Thats a thought! b What do you think this means?

25.A: I woke up at 2:00 am and couldnt get back to sleep.

B: a Poor you! b Thats a relief!

26.A: Your dream might mean that youll meet someone new..

B: a Thats horrible! b You cant be serious!


G Choose one of the pictures and describe it.

This painting is called . painted it in 19 . The painting shows . The background is . The colours are mostly . The picture looks (non)realistic. The painting makes me feel .



Module 3 (Spotlight 9)


A Match the words in Column A with the words/ phrases in Column B.

Column A Column B

1.human A sightings

2.humped B print

3.extinct C head

4.report D back

5.snake-like E animal

B Choose the correct item.

Spotted glanced

a) When Richard and Ian heard the angry shouts they around the room to see where they were coming from.

b) Has the research team anything unusual in the area?

Horrifying violent

c) Last night I dreamt that a whirlpool was pulling me to the bottom of the ocean.

d) Andrews nightmare was absolutely ; he dreamt that a three-headed monster was approaching him, but he couldnt move.

Reflection shadow

e) The moon was so bright that James could see his in the lake.

f) When David saw the of a strange animal in the bushes, he started shaking like a leaf.

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