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D - Form affirmative sentences using the given words.

English Tenses - Test


A - Put in the verbs in brackets into the gaps.

1) I sometimes ______________ to the cinema. (to go)

2) Yesterday our teacher _______________ ill. (to be)

3) It ____________ in the West the next night. (not/to rain)

4) Listen! The baby ___________________(to cry)

. 5) We _____________________ our bikes soon. (to ride)

6) My father ____ the family car. It still looks dirty. (not/to clean)


7) On Sundays the students _________ early. (not/to get up)

8) ____________ Wales? (ever/you/to visit)

9) We __________________ the pets now. (to feed)

10) They ______________ an essay last month. (to write)


B - Which answers are correct?

1) What are typical signal words for the Simple Present?

a)yesterday b)just c)sometimes d)every day e)at the moment f)often

2) What are typical signal words for the Simple Past?

a)yesterday b)ever c)now d)three days ago e)in 1995 f)last month

3) What are typical signal words for the Present Perfect?

a)just b)already c)yet d)Look! e)usually f)two hours ago

4) What are typical signal words for the Present Progressive?

a)next week b)Listen! c)never d)at the moment e)yesterday f)now

5) Which sentences/questions are in the Simple Present?

a)He is from Japan. b)We are not going to feed the pets. c)Anne does not play chess. d)We play soccer every weekend. e)She is listening to an audio book. f)Do they go for a walk?

6) Which sentences/questions are in the Simple Past?

a)I lived in Odessa from 1985 to 1986) b)Emily has just come home from school. c)They play tennis every Friday afternoon. d)There will be some rain in the East. e)Did you phone me last night? f)Yesterday my friend invited me to his party.

7) Which sentences/questions are in the Present Perfect?

a)We aren't phoning now. b)I have a brother. c)She hasn't visited her uncle for half a year. d)Have you ever been to Edinburgh? e)Last year I was in Salt Lake City. f)I've forgotten my homework.

8) Which sentences/questions are in the Present Progressive?

a)Wait a moment! I'll carry this box for you. b)I'm making a cheese cake right now. c)Last year we were in France. d)Have you already had a cup of tea yet? e)Are you cleaning the floor? f)Are you from New Zealand?

9) Which sentences/questions are in the will-future?

a)He'll never make it. b)We won't be at your party. c)Does this train leave from platform 12? d)They are coming to the party.

e)Pat is not going to fly to Paris in May. f)I think Sue will arrive at 6 o'clock.

10) Which sentences/questions are in the going to-future?

a)Are they in the school choir?

b)Are they going to look for a present? c)She has never been to Africa. d)The teacher is checking the homework. e)I am not going to send a text message to Bob. f)Christine is going to walk to town.

C - Which form is correct?

1) a)we is playing b)we are plaing c)we are playing

2) a)he sung b)he singed c)he sang

3) a)Susan has written b)Susan have written

4) a)I were b)I was

5) a)they be b)they will be

6) a)Andy run b)Andy runs c)Andy rans

7) a)Max tries b)Max trys c)Max try

8) a)she understanded b)she understood

9) a)you are been b)you have been c)you has been

10) a)it is going to rain b)it are going to rain c)it is rain

D - Form affirmative sentences using the given words.

they / to play / cards

1) Simple Present __________

2) Simple Past _____________

3) Present Progressive ______

4) Present Perfect __________

5) will-future _______________

6) going to-future­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­___________

E - Rewrite the sentences using long or contracted forms.

1) She's not from Cardiff. __________

2) We are reading a novel. _________

3) They have booked a flight. _______

4) I'll carry this bag for you. ________

5) He did not make breakfast. ______

6) You aren't going to learn the poem. ___

7) She's not played the trumpet. _______

8) It will not be windy tonight. ___________

9) He's wearing an old shirt. _______________

10) We don't like fish. ____________________


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