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Future Simple. Match the statements (1-5) to the offers (a-e).


1. I haven't got a hard copy of the report 2. I can't find Susan's address 3. I think it's time to go home. 4. These boxes are so heavy. 5. I'm very thirsty. a) I'II carry one for you. b) III print it out for you. c) I'II get you a drink from the machine. d) Ill give you a lift to the station. e) Ill e-mail it to you.  

Test. Term 8. Companies. Cultures.

For each item, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Use one word from the box each time

export launches manufactures supplies workforce

1. We sell some of our products abroad. We export some of our products.

2. Our company provides products for the energy industry. Our company _____________the energy industry.

3. Florite makes air conditioners. ______________________ air conditioners.

4. We employ over 300 people. _________________of over 300.

5. It introduces five new products each year. __________________five new products a year.


Match the beginnings of the sentences (1-5) with their endings (a-e).


1. Coca-Cola is a mass market product; it 2. Selling special-interest holidays is a niche market; it 3. Rolex watches sell in a luxury market; they are 4. An export market 5. A home market a) is a small but often profitable market. b) is outside the producer's country. c) is in the producer's country. d) high-quality and expensive goods. e) sells to large numbers of people

Fill in the gaps with the words and expressions from below.

was organized was postponed was in charge of did not go attend organized

A meeting of the Tennis Club Committee was organized for 1 March. But not everyone could ___________ to a meeting. So it ____________________ till March 31. One committee member said that this was too late, so eventually we _______________ a meeting for March 15. The chairperson ____________ it very efficiently, and we decided on some new membership rules. Only one committee member __________ to a meeting.

Fill in the prepositions in the gaps.


1. What is the situation on production ________ your plant at the moment?

2. What sort of quantities are you looking ________ ?

3. What are we looking ________ in the way of discount?

4. What were you thinking _______ in terms of delivery dates?

5. How important to you is the currency ____ payment?


5. Make present progressive sentences:

(-) negation (+) affirmative statement (?) question


1. I / look for / the station (+) I am looking for the station.

2. you / work / tonight ..(?). Are you working tonight?

3. it/rain (-) It isnt raining.

4. Peter / try / to save money (+) __________________________________________________

5. why/ those children / cry (?) __________________________________________________

6. all your friends / play football / this afternoon (?) ______________________________________

7. she / look / very well today (-) ______________________________________________

8. I think she / make / a big mistake (+) ______________________________________________

9. you / wear / your usual glasses (-) ______________________________________________

10. I/hope /to get a new job (+) ______________________________________________

11. the 10.15 train from London to Edinburgh / run / today (?) ______________________________________________


Present Simple and Present Continuous. Write what happens in each area at Goldcrest Hotel and what is happening now.

Area What happens What is happening now
Kitchen prepare and cook meals chefs / prepare / today's lunch
Restaurant serve breakfast, lunch and dinner waiter / clear / the tables
Reception welcome guests, answer calls receptionist / talk / to a guest
Gift shop sell souvenirs sales assistant / help / a customer
A bedroom guests stay maid / clean / the room

This is the kitchen. We prepare and cook meals here. At the moment, the chefs are preparing today's lunch.


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