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Complete these sentences from presentations with the correct prepositions.

Test. Term 8. Companies. Cultures.



Fill in the gaps with the words from below. Use one word from the box each time

Begin have sell provide employ manufacture supply launch

GKS Services .began in 1989 when Dieter Norland left his job as an engineer in the computer industry,The company _________________ high-tech security alarms and __________________ its products all over the world. It _________________ 150 people at its factory near Rotterdam, although the company's head office is in Amsterdam and _______________ a staff of 20.The company ________________6 a number of new products each year. GKS Services _________________ products to the security industry and ________________ domestic alarms for the general public.


Complete the sentences below with the words from the box.


-export mass mature niche profitable share unattractive

1. ..Export markets are usually harder to enter than home markets.

2. A ______________ market does not have many buyers, but it can make good profits for companies.

3. Last year, our company increased its market ________________ to 18%.

4. Levi's jeans sell in a _________________ market.

5. Qatar is a ________________ market-it allows companies to make a lot of money.

6. 6 The market for mobile phones is a ________________ market. It isn't growing as fast as before.

7. 7If a market is ___________________ companies don't think it's good to enter.


Match the synonyms as in the example.

1. b)

1. arrange a meeting 2. bring forward a meeting 3. put back a meeting 4. chair a meeting 5. attend a meeting 6. miss a meeting a) go to a meeting b) organize a meeting c) not to go to a meeting d) make a meeting earlier than originally decided e) postpone a meeting f) be in charge of a meeting


Match the sentence beginnings (1-5) with the correct endings (a-e).

1. Boeing offered the idea of a 600-plus seat jet to airlines last autumn. 2. The country's trade negotiators are trying all sorts of tricks to protect their farmers, 3. The TV presenter gave his bosses an ultimatum that he would leave the show 4. The company said they would fire all of us if we didn't accept the deal 5. Over the past two years, Mersey Docks has made a number of 'final' offers, a) for example, allowing only whole chickens to be imported, not chicken parts. b) But European plane industry executives are convinced that Boeing is bluffing. c) the last one being £28,000 to each docker involved in the dispute. d) if Miss Taylor was allowed to stay as co-presenter. e) but we called their bluff- we refused and six months later we still have our jobs!

Complete these sentences from presentations with the correct prepositions.

1. I'm going to talk about Geotel's investment strategy.

2. There are four parts ________ my presentation.

3. My talk is ________three sections.

4. ________the end ________ my presentation, you will have a clear idea _______ our strategy.

5. I'd like to talk ________ you ________ our new marketing strategy.

6. The subject ________ my presentation is our new e-mail system.

  1. First, I'll say a few words _______ the background ________ the launch _______ our new product.

8. Then I'll describe the features _______ the product.


6. Make questions. Present Progressive.(the Good Grammar Book)


1. “Those people aren’t speaking English.” – “What language are they speaking?”

2. “Bill’s writing something on the wall”. – “What ________________________?”

3. “The train’s stopping.” – “Why _______________________________?”

4. “They are eating now.” – “What _____________________________________?”

5. “They’re playing a game.”- “What game ________________________________?”

6. “I’m going now. Good buy.” – “Wait. Where ____________________________?”

7. Complete these sentences with the best form of the verbs in brackets: Present Simple or Present Progressive.


1. We manufacturecomputer parts. We are a very successful company. We export to more than 25 countries. (manufacture / export)

2. We always ______________ on time, and we _______________ with this special delivery as fast as we can. (deliver / deal)

3. This time, we ____________ an agent based in Shanghai, but we normally ___________ our Glasgow agent. (use / use)

4. Jeff is from Sales, but this week he ___________in Customer Service. Today, he ______________ with complaints. (work / deal)

5. This summer, we ____________20 extra staff because it's so busy. Normally, we _____________75 people altogether. (employ / employ)

6. Our company _______________ about five new products every year. At the moment, we ____________________a new range of soft drinks. (develop / plan)


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