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Belarusian Customs and Traditions

1. Imagine you are writing an article for Wikipedia about Belarusian customs and traditions. Give 3 or 4 brief descriptions on the topic.

2. Do you agree that teenagers are not very much interested in the past of Belarus nowadays? Why?

3. Imagine you are given the chance to talk to your peer of the 10th century, living on the territory of modern Belarus. What questions would you ask him/her?

4. Imagine you are at a restaurant with your foreign friend. He would like to try Belarusian cuisine. Advice him what to choose to “taste Belarus”.

5. You have been to the Victory Day parade, haven’t you? Is it important to hold such ceremonies? Why?

Science and Technology

1. Let’s talk about science and technology. What comes to your mind when you hear “science” and “technology”? Can you tell us anything about the most ancient and the latest discoveries and inventions?

2. Do you agree that cloning is immoral? Why?

3. A scientist in the field of nanotechnologies is invited to your school. He is ready to answer your questions. What will you ask?

4. Your friend has won money in a lottery. He wants to buy some latest gadget. Advise your friend what to buy.

5. Pupils nowadays are encouraged to carry out their own scientific research. Have you ever taken part in any? What do you think of it?

Family. Family Relationships

1. Let’s talk about family relationships. What can you tell us about your family? Do you get on well with your parents? What is your family for you?

2. Do you agree that children should be brought up strictly? Why?

3. Imagine you are invited to spend a couple of days in your pen-friend’s family in London. Ask him about their family holidays and traditions.

4. Your close friend is hesitating if to accept her boyfriend proposal. She asks you for advice. What would you say?

5. Divorce doesn’t seem to be extraordinary any more. What is happening? Has family become an outdated form of relationships?


1. Let’s talk about art. There are various forms of art. What is your favourite one? Tell about your favourite musician or musical group, artist or sculptor.

2. Do you agree that Minsk is a cultural centre of our country? Why?

3. You are given the task to write a review of latest cultural events in London. Ask your pen pal for necessary information.

4. Your friend from a little Belarusian town is going to Brest. He is interested in art. Advice him an exhibition to visit.

5. Have you ever been to any cultural event (an art gallery, a concert or something)? Tell us about your impression. If not, tell about the cultural event you’d like to visit.

17. Great Britain: Customs and Traditions

1. After your 3-months stay in Great Britain you were invited to make a report on British customs and traditions for the younger children in your school. What would you speak about?

2. The English proverb says: “Custom is a second nature”. Do you agree? Why?

3. You are to write a report about customs and traditions of Scotland. Ask your peer from Scotland some questions to get necessary information.

4. Your little sister is going to make a card on St Valentine Day. Give her some advice.

5. Have you ever tasted haggis? What dishes of British cuisine would you like to try?

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