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Outstanding People of Belarus

1. Let’s talk about outstanding people of Belarus. What famous people of Belarus do you know?

2. Svetlana Aleksiyevich, a Belarusian writer, once said: “If we only could learn to value a small human life!” Do you agree that every life is valuable, no matter if a person is an ordinary or outstanding one?

3. A lot of outstanding people originated from Belarus. Which of them would you like to meet? What questions would you ask him/her?

4. Your pen-friend from England asks you to provide some information about Belarusian enlighteners which might be of help to him with his report about our country. Give him advice.

5. Name a Belarusian author whom you definitely call the soul of the nation. Explain your choice.

Who Governs Britain

1. Let’s talk about the political system of the United Kingdom. Who has the greatest power in the UK? What does the term “parliamentary monarchy” mean?

2. Do you agree that the heir to the throne must be married to a member of a royal family? Why?

3. Imagine you are interviewing the British Prime Minister. What questions would you ask him?

4. Imagine you are a public policy analyst. Give your advice to your friend on how to win local elections.

5. What aspects of a British political system appeal to you most? Which of them do you think should or could be introduced in Belarus?

Belarusian Statehood

1. Let’s talk about the political system of Belarus. What does the term “presidential republic” mean? How is the state power exercised in Belarus?

2. Do you agree that the national symbols of the Republic of Belarus represent the country and its people properly? Explain your point of view.

3. Imagine that our school is receiving a group of British pupils. What would you ask them to share the impressions on our country?

4. A lot is being done to make our town modern and beautiful. Are there any problems left? Describe the one you can see and give your suggestions as to how sort it out.

5. What aspects of the Belarusian political system do you think should or could be introduced in Britain?

Healthy Lifestyle. Sport

1. Let’s talk about health. Do you keep yourself healthy? What do you do to stay healthy?

2. Do you agree that smoking is harmful for health? Why?

3. Imagine you are talking to your friend about healthy lifestyle. What questions would you ask him/her?

4. There are pupils in our school who smokes. Advise them what to do to give up smoking.

5. Have you ever promoted healthy lifestyle? If yes, tell us how you did it. If no, tell how would you do that.

Mass Media

1. Let’s talk about mass media. What types of mass media do you know? Which of them are the most popular among teens?

2. Do you agree that radio is the least popular mass medium? Why?

3. Imagine you are given the task to find out how much newspapers are popular among teens nowadays. What questions would you ask your classmates?

4. Imagine that you are at the newsagent’s with your friend who knows almost nothing about Belorussian newspapers and magazines but would like to buy some. Recommend him/her anything to buy.

5. Speak about the reasons why you like or dislike watching the news.

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