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Strategic priorities

  • maintain and strengthen the position of a significant company in the field of power engineering in the domestic and foreign market even after full opening,
  • increase the value of the company,
  • offer new products to its business partners with the objective to increase their satisfaction and loyalty,
  • respect is the foundation of our team's work,
  • develop the qualifications of our employees and efficiently impart information inside the company,
  • contribute to environmental protection and development.

Our company is benefiting from traditional knowledge of the product, environment and the customer base. Our objective is capability to offer more sophisticated solutions as per customer requirements; further, to optimise their segmentation and identify the weak points in the offer of services to the customers and thus in the final analysis benefit the company in real terms. Every previous result is only a break for us in the quest for knowledge. The market demands quality and we know how to provide it.

VUJE a.s. is an engineering company that performs design, supply, implementation, research and training activities, particularly in the field of nuclear and conventional power generation.

VUJE was established in 1977 as a state research institute; in 1994, it was transformed into a joint stock company whose shares are owned by company employees and former employees. The change from the state-owned company into a 100% private company meant also a change in company operations, i.e. a change from an originally research organisation into an engineering company that presently implements large projects mainly in the field of nuclear power generation.

The current scope of company operations is wide and it includes all activities related to the preparation, implementation, operation and termination of operation mainly of energy installations. As a matter of course, the qualification of VUJE personnel corresponds to the highly specialised company operations and more than 50% out of the total number of employees have a university education.

Annual incomes of the company for the past 5 years did not fall below EUR 50 mill.

The company performs all activities related to the design, construction, operation, reconstruction and decommissioning of the following energy installations and systems:

  • nuclear power plants,
  • hydro-electric power plants,
  • fossil-fuel power plants and heating plants with coal, gas and oil used as fuel,
  • power plants and heating plants for waste wood combustion,
  • wind power plants,
  • high-voltage transmission lines 100-400 kV,
  • high-voltage distribution plants,
  • development and supply of simulators used for training the operating personnel of power plants, distribution plants, ships, chemical plants,
  • information systems designed for the control of energy systems, and
  • automated control of water supply systems.

All the aforementioned projects are performed by the company as turnkey projects, i.e. the projects are implemented starting with the development of design documents up to the performance of commissioning tests.

Within its operations, VUJE co-operates with renowned European companies such as Framatome, Siemens, EDF, CORYS, etc. and performs activities for the International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna.

VUJE holds quality certificates in accordance with ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 standards. The quality of work of VUJE specialists has been proved by highly demanding customers from the field of nuclear power generation as well as by the presentation of their technical results at the most relevant international forums.

When talking about the past successes of the company, it is essential to mention that they are not incidental. The company employees are behind them, for which reason we place great emphasis on their selection, growth and further education.

The top-priority task of HR policy is to create the best working conditions for the company employees and promote their feeling of co-belonging with the VUJE brand and strengthen their co-responsibility for events in the company.

Our efforts are targeted at enabling the company employees to best cope with the requirements of their job positions and for them to be ready for changes and, above all, for them to be capable of meeting all the requirements of our business partners.

The company is permanently making an effort to raise the standard and quality of its human resources. It is long-term targeting the following:

  • qualification and professional abilities of the employees,
  • support for employee initiative in the fulfilment of the business plans of the company,
  • working environment and conditions in which the employees perform their duties.

Concerning the state and development of the HR indicators, the situation is already stable long-term.
Development of the number of company employees

Employee qualifications structure 2011


Other organisations will have different structures. For example most organisations will have a marketing department responsible for market research and marketing planning. A customer services department will look after customer requirements. A human resources department will be responsible for recruitment and selection of new employees, employee motivation and a range of other people focused activities. In addition there will be a number of cross-functional areas such as administration and Information Technology departments that service the functional areas of the company. These departments will provide back up support and training.
Organisations are structured in different ways:
1. by function as described above
2. by regional area - a geographical structure e.g. with a marketing
manager North, marketing manager South etc
3. by product e.g. marketing manager crisps, marketing manager drinks, etc
4. into work teams, etc.
Reporting in organisations often takes place down the line. An employee might be accountable to a supervisor, who is accountable to a junior manager, who is then accountable to a senior manager - communication and instructions can then be passed down the line.

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