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Travelling and tourism

1. Letís talk about travelling and tourism. What types of tourism do you know? Which one do you prefer? Why?

2. Do you agree that travelling with friends is much more interesting than travelling with parents? Why?

3. Imagine you are going to another country on holiday. What questions would you ask at a travel agency as to the place, the accommodation, the transport, etc.?

4. Give advice to your friend on how to avoid problems with cash during his trip to Britain.

5. Have you ever travelled abroad? If yes, tell about your trip. If no, tell about the trip youíd like to have.

Ecological problems. Nature protection

1. Letís talk about environmental problems. Has Belarus suffered from any catastrophe?

2. Do you agree that air pollution is a cause of peopleís health problems? Why?

3. Imagine you are interviewing an animal protection activist. What questions would you ask him/her?

4. Give advice on how to become more environmental-friendly.

5. Are you for or against animal experimentation? Why?

Places of Interest in Britain

1. Letís talk about places of interest in Britain. Which of them would you like to visit and why?

2. Do you agree that Wales is the land of glorious kings and powerful wizards of the old days? Why?

3. Imagine that your friend spent a month in Scotland. What questions would you ask him/her?

4. Your friend has only one day to stay in London. Advise him what places of interest are worth visiting.

5. What part of London would you like to live in? Why?

Belarusian System of Education

1. Letís talk about Belarusian system of education. At what age do Belarusian schoolchildren start and finish school? How long does a school year last? Do you take any exams?

2. Do you agree that schoolchildren must wear a school uniform? Why?

3. Imagine you are talking to your peer from England about schooling. What questions would you ask him/her?

4. Your friend doesnít know what to do after finishing school. Give some advice.

5. What is your idea of an ideal school?

National character

1.Letís talk about national characters. They say every nation has got its national traits. Germans are considered to be punctual and accurate, Americans are commonly known as active, energetic and practical people. And what about Belarusians? What are our national traits?

2.Do you agree that ďEnglish people are the slaves of traditionsĒ? Why?

3.Imagine you and your peer from Australia are discussing stereotypes about foreigners. What questions would you ask him?

4.Your friend is going to marry a handsome American. What is your advice?

5.What do you think has an influence on forming national character? Can you give any examples.

Jobs and Careers

1. Letís talk about your future profession. What are your professional plans? What is your career goal? What would you like to achieve?

2. Do you agree that the knowledge of a foreign language is necessary to be a success? Why?

3. If you interviewed a person for a job of a teacher what questions would you ask him/her?

4. Your friend is interested in choosing the right career. Give him advice.

5. What can work mean for different people? What is it for you?

Youth Organisations

1. Letís talk about Belarusian youth organisations. What youth organisations are there in our country? Are you a member of any youth organisation?

2. Do you agree that young people should play some role in the life of the society? Why?

3. Your British friend is a member of the Scout movement. What questions would you ask him/her?

4. Your friend is hesitating whether to join the Belarusian Republican Union of Youth. Give him advice.

5. You are making a speech about a real or imaginary youth organization. Your aim is to find new members. What would you say?

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