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I. OBJECTIVES : By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to :

+ use present continuous in their speech correctly

+ use prepositions of place

+add new vocabulary about Body

II. TEACHING AIDS : a CD, pictures, handouts, Pre-Intermediate Students book.


Stage   Teacherís activities Studentsí activities
I. Warm-up - Sticks four pictures (of a bee, a ship, a sheep and money) on the board. - gives four pieces of paper with above words - has Ss stick them to the correct pictures - gives corrections - asks Ss to pronunciation those words -Work in groups - stick words to pictures
II. Checking home work -Checks SS home work Work individually and give answers
III. Vocabulary -Focuses on the painting ex.1a, p.8 -Gives SS a few minutes to label the picture -Tells SS to go to Vocabulary Bank The Body on p.146. -Puts SS into pairs and gives them few minutes to match the words and pictures. -Checks answers and models and drills pronunciation. -look at the book and label the picture -listen and repeat in chorus   -repeat in chorus -repeat the sounds
IV. Pronunciation   ( vowel sounds) -Focuses on the sound pictures-2a, p.8 -Puts SS into pairs. -Gives them a few minutes to put the words in the right columns. -Plays CD (1.7) for SS to check their answers. -Tells SS to go to Sound Bank on p. 157.     -Work in pairs   - work individually  
V.Grammar -Focuses on the painting on p.9. -Gives SS a few minutes to answer the questions in pairs in 3a, p.8 -Focuses on the sentences and give SS a minute to choose the right form and discuss in pairs. -Tells SS to go to Grammar Bank 1C on p.126. -Goes through the chart and rules with the class. -Models and drills the example sentences. -Focuses on the exercises for 1C on p.127. -Checks SS answers.   -Work in pairs   -Work in pairs     -Work in pairs  
VI.Listening -Tells SS that they are going to find out more about the painting on p.9. -Asks SS to go through questions 1-4. -Plays the CD once. -Checks the answers. - work individually  
VII.Speaking - Tells SS to use the right prepositions to say where things are. -Focuses on the prepositions and pictures and gives SS a few minutes to match them. -Checks SS answers. -Puts SS into pairs, A and B. -Tells them to go to Communication 1C Describe and Draw, A on p.108, B on p.112. -Gives SS a few minutes to look at their paintings and think about how they are going to describe them. -when SS have finished, they can compare their partnerís painting     - work individually   -Work in pairs  
VIII. Homework * Do the exercises of language focus in work books (page 6) - write



I. OBJECTIVES : By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to read a passage and have and adequate understanding about the differences in scientific and spoken terms


+ Grammar : defining relative clauses, using Prepositions of place

+ New words : relating to the paraphrasing

III. TEACHING AIDS : pictures, handout worksheet, Pre-Intermediate Students book


Stage Teacherís activities Studentsí activities
I. Checking home work -Checks SS home work Work individually and give answers
II. Warm-up -Reads dictionary definition about dantist - Shows picture of dantist - asks: + what does he/ she do ? - says : to understand more about the dantist , letís come to Unit 1 D- lesson reading Work individually and give answers
III. Pre- reading - Has Ss ask and answer questions about term ď The Devilís DictionaryĒ - Comments Work in pairs Give feed back
IV. While reading * Task 1 - Has Ss open their book to read the text silently and do the task that follow - Guides Ss to scan to get the information - Comments -Work individual - Do the exercise and give feed back.
  * Task 2 - Has Ss read the text again then answer the questions - calls some pairs to answer the questions (closed pairs, opened pairs) - comments - has Ss close the book taken ask and answer about the Devilís Dictionary according to the passage. * Task 3 - has Ss do task 3 after explaining the requirement - has Ss scan the text to get information to fill in the table - comments Work in pairs   Work in pairs     Work in group Listen and comment  
V. Post reading - has Ss talk about another terms like in that dictionary - calls some representative to present their passage in front of the class - comments Work in group
VI. Grammar -Gets SS to focus on the definition in reading again and to look at when the words who, which, and where are used. -Tells SS to go to Grammar Bank 1D. Go through the rules with the group. Do the exercise and give feed back.
VII. Listenning -Plays CD several times   -Discuss the text Let SS listen to the CD Work in pairs
VIII. Home work - has Ss learn the new words by heart - has Ss read the text carefully to remember The Devilís Dictionary - Make dialog, new vocabulary, to find other kinds of dictionary Write down


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