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Outstanding Scientists.

English Examination: Task 3. Oral Speech. May, 2012


About Myself.

1.Let`s talk about you and human relations. Speak about yourself, please.

2.Is friendship important for you? Why?

3.Which 3 questions will you like to ask your new classmate about his personality?

4.Would you like to be famous?What is the recipe for success, in your opinion?

5.What features do you value and what features don`t you like in people?


My Family. Family Relations.

1.Let`s talk about family matters and human relations. What is family for you? Speak about your family.

2. Sometimes families break up, don`t they? Why?

3.What 3 questions would you ask your Psychology teacher on family relations?

4.Are your parents your friends? What should be done to avoid misunderstanding and generation gap in the family?

5.What does an ideal family mean to you?


Houses and Homes.

1.Let`s talk about houses and homes. What is Home for people?

2.Do many people in Belarus prefer to live in town. Why?

3.Imagine, you meet an Englishman. Ask him 3 questions about housing in the UK…

4.Where to live: in town or in the country? Give some grounds of the main advantages and disadvantages of living in the country …

5. Speak about your house or flat. What is your idea of an ideal home?


1.Let`s talk about School Education. Some people think that school days are the happiest ones. What is school for you?

2.Do you agree that education is life necessity? Why do children go to school?

3.What would you like to know about British schools? Ask your new English friend 3 questions about schools in the UK.

4.What should a modern school be like? Speak on the main modern school peculiarities in Belarus.

5. What do you know about School Education in Belarus?


Youth and Society.

1.Let`s talk about Youth and Society. Is it easy to be young?..

2. Do you agree that the world of teenagers is, in most cases, full of doubts in themselves and their future. Why?

3.Imagine, you are in London and you are to talk to a member of the Boy Scouts Organization. Ask him 3 questions about Youth Organizations in Great Britain.

4.Many young people want to be successful in life. What are your recommendations to achieve a goal in future life?

5.There are a lot of ways for young people to get involved in social life, they can join the Belarusian Republican Youth Union.What do you know about the BRSM?


1.Let`s talk about Art. What is its role in society?

2.Do we need Fine Arts nowadays? Why?

3.Imagine,you are at the British Museum. Ask the guide 3 questions on British Art.

4.Which form of Art is your favourite? What should people know about the main genres and styles of Art?

5.Belarus is a talented nation. Can you prove it? What are the names of our famous Belarusian artists, sculptors, musicians?


1.Our life is impossible without Scientific and Technological progress.. What`s the role of Science nowadays?

2. Is the 20th century considered the century of great inventions? Why?

3.You are visiting the Academy of Sciences. Ask 3 questions about Science and Technology in Belarus.

4. Scientific and Technological progress: for benefit or disaster? What should people do to protect Nature, the environment?

5. We live in the 21st century. It is the century of great technological breakthroughs. What are the main directions of scientific development today?

Outstanding Scientists.

1.The world knows a lot of names of the scientists, who have changed our life. Who are they?

2.Do you agree that Belarus is famous for outstanding scientists? Why?

3.Ask your English friend 3questions about great scientists in the UK.

4.What qualities of character should a true scientist possess?

5.For benefit or disaster… Why do we speak about Good and Evil in Science?

Great People.

1.Let`s talk about Great People. They glorified our nation. Speak about some of them.

2.Is Belarus famous for its outstanding writers? Why Belarusian literature is highly appreciated?

3.Imagine that you are in Trafalgar Square in London. Ask 3 questions about famous British People.

4. How can a person achieve fame? What is Efrosinya Polotskaya famous for?

5.What places in Belarus remind you of outstanding people?

Mass Media.

1.Let`s talk about Mass Media. They say that our world has become a global village. What is the role of Mass Media?

2.Do you read newspapers or surf the Internet? Why?

3.Ask a British reporter 3 questions about Mass Media in the UK?

4.Television is one of the most popular mass media. What are the benefits and dangers of modern TV?

5. What TV programmes do you prefer?

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