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My future profession

In the world there are many professions that require mental workload . And I decided to choose just one of these . In the future I want to become an engineer.Now the engineer's profession again regains prestige and a decent wage . Plants, factories, railway workshops, small private firms in urgent need of the people of engineering professions. For where there is a technique needs engineers to work with her. Design engineers , process engineers , mechanical engineers and others. A technique is now everywhere , in all walks of life! Without it - anywhere !Without the engineers do not build new bridges and homes. Without them , our factories will not be able to issue no refrigerator, no vacuum cleaner. And what about the issue of motor vehicles, cranes , excavators and other machinery ! Engineers are also needed in the steel industry, where new metal is melted .Grow wheat and will not work without the people in this profession. Is that the hand sickles as before. In today's field work tractors , combine harvesters , seeders . And the process of creating these machines provide the engineers again .Let the engineer's profession today is not very fashionable, but it's a good thing. The more sought after by qualified professionals. A good engineer monitors the novelties of technology, reading professional literature , know foreign languages ​​. He often meets with colleagues, even foreigners to learn from best practices . Also talented engineers are working on inventions , and then get them patents. This is useful for production, and the inventor of the most profitable.Our industry , unfortunately, is now lagging behind other countries in the world . Many of the products that we could produce ourselves , we buy abroad. Therefore engineer - one of the most rewarding professions in our country . I believe that together with his fellow engineers will lead the industry into the future of the country to progress and success! People often ask me these days what my plans for the future are. I know that there are many interesting professions in the world, including bank mangers, lawyers, doctors, policemen, designers, but I want to be an engineer. They say that itís a difficult profession and it requires good knowledge of physics and mathematics. Iím ready to give it a try. My teachers also say that Iím rather good at this field. I have analytical skills, logical thinking and Iím attentive to details. The school subjects that Iím good at are algebra and geometry. My father says that engineers need excellent technical knowledge, so he helps me with that. Moreover, strong computer skills are required, as most of the equipment today is computerized. If I become a mechanical engineer, I will definitely have to deal with machinery and software programs for problem solving. Living in a small town, we donít seem to have any opportunities for studying engineering. So, I will have to move to a larger city after I graduate from school. The entrance exams usually include mathematics and physics. I think I should be fine with these subjects. If I manage to enter the Technological University, I will have to study for 5 years to become a professional engineer. In my opinion, engineering is a great profession. It gives lots of opportunities for development and self-growth. There are so many interesting fields that I can choose from, such as civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering. In the future I wish to be a mechanical engineer. It is the future profession which I wish to aspire for. The profession itself is very difficult, it requires the knowledge of the principles of physics, maternal sciences, which is used for analysis, of design, of manufacturing, and of maintenance of mechanical systems.Besides that is requires a general understanding of core concepts such as of mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, and structural analysis. Mechanical engineers have to use these core principles along with tools like computer-aided engineering and product lifecycle management to design and analyze manufacturing plants, industrial equipment and machinery, heating and cooling systems, transport systems, aircraft, watercraft, robotics, medical devices and more.It is a job that requires the knowledge in many fields. And although it may be a hard one, I will work work and study hard to become a mechanical engineer!


My future proff

MY fut proff is enfineer technologs .Becoming a ProfessionalEngineer is undoubtedly a good idea and, quite possibly, the only option for future engineers. Becoming a professional engineer creates trust with customers and clients, and shows employers that you have the responsibility to take on higher level orders of business. In addition to that, only licensed Professional Engineers have the authority to prepare, sign and seal, and/or submit their engineering plans and drawings to some public authority for approva . Although this is a very broad rule, it very clearly presents itself in the innovation of nanotechnology in imaging technologies. Engineers are ethically required to provide the new technology to "the public," which includes all people. Because of the high probable cost of nanotechnology in imaging, it is possible that the technology would be limited to the wealthy, which must be avoided in order to comply with the NSPE. Each of these ethical concerns is strongly supported by the NSPE code of ethics and is required of all engineers. However, the NSPE is not the only engineering organization with ethical guidelines that must be followed. In fact, each engineering discipline has its own code of ethics that applies to innovations, technology, and projects under that specific discipline.



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