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Part 1. general provisions

Moscow Youth International Model Arctic Council (-2016)

February 17-19, 2016


(The document is worked out with taking into account the consultative recommendations of the Arctic Council Secretariat officers)

Russia, Moscow

January 2016



There is no doubt, that a solid guarantee of even more successful future of the Arctic region is firm friendship and extensive cooperation among the Arctic Youth. The Arctic Youth should be defined here as all involved young citizens of the Arctic States: not only those who can call the Arctic region their home, but also those who associate their work, activities or sphere of studies with the Arctic region and are going to put a lot of their time and effort in its development.

It seems that one of the most efficient formats of getting the Artic Youth involved is to hold various youth models of the Arctic Council throughout the Arctic region. (Which, in particular, on the initiative of the Director of MAC-2016 Secretariat has been included into the policy recommendations from the Future Arctic Leaders youth workshop, held by the Arctic Council under the Canadian Chairmanship in Ottawa, April 2015).

The Arctic Council is the leading international forum for cooperation in the Arctic region, where 8 Arctic States (including of course the Russian Federation) and 6 organizations of the Arctic indigenous peoples (including the Russian Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North) take part.

Model Arctic Council is a role-playing game, aimed at simulating different forms of the Arctic Council work. Since the Arctic Council has a well-balanced representation structure and also conducts researches in all essential fields of studies, its simulation makes it possible for very different groups of active young professionals, activists, volunteers as well as young representatives of the Arctic indigenous peoples to get relevant and highly rewarding experience. Numerous Arctic Council Models have already been held at local, national, and even international levels: by the United Nations Association in Canada (2010), the University of Tromsø (2013), NArFU, Russia (2014, 2015), NEFU, Russia (2015). The Arctic Student Research Club of Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO-University) has also successfully held a Model Arctic Council in MGIMO-University on April 7-8, 2015.

Moscow Youth International Model Arctic Council (MAC-2016) is planned as an international conference, which can give an additional drive to the inter-regional and international cooperation among the youth from all the Arctic States, young representatives of the Arctic indigenous peoples. We also believe, that MAC-2016 will establish a precedent of successful Model Arctic Council arrangement, started and carried out by a group of engaged Arctic Youth by themselves.



The project of -2016 is arranged by the MGIMO Arctic Student Research Club on the platform of International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy (MIEP) MGIMO with financial support granted by the Russian Federal Agency on Youth Affairs and MGIMO Endowment Foundation.

The arrangement of -2016 is a result of cooperative work between the young citizens of the Arctic States with the leading role of the MGIMO Arctic Student Research Club.

The realization of the -2016 project is timed by its organizers to coincide with the Arctic Council twentieth anniversary, which is to be celebrated by the international forum on September 19, 2016.


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part 1. general provisions

1.1. MAC-2016 Objective and Purposes

1.2. MAC-2016 Rules of Procedure

1.3. Definitions

1.4. MAC-2016 Working Languages

1.5. MAC-2016 Secretariat

1.6. MAC-2016 Presidium

1.7. MAC-2016 Academic Advisor

1.8. MAC-2016 Participants

1.9. MAC-2016 Agenda


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