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ü ScienceBg Certificate for the publication;

ü admission to all sessions of the symposium;

ü the presentation of a paper either as a talk (10 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion) or as a poster 90 cm high x 80 cm wide. A poster session lasts one hour. Please note that PhD students are allowed to present posters only;

ü publication of a paper up to 20 pages long in the Journal of International Scientific Publications: Educational Alternative, Volume 9on CD-ROM and a copy of the journal on CD-ROM. All papers must comply with certain formatting requirements.

ü a printed copyof the Conference Programme;

ü coffee breaks;

ü preferential accommodation prices in selected hotels offered by the organisers and free booking for symposium participants.

The presentation of other people's papers is not allowed without a good reason and the prior consent of the organising committee. If the type of presentation (talk or poster) is not specified, the organising committee has the right to decide on it as appropriate.


31.03.2012: Registration form and abstract (up to 10 lines) submission deadline - erd@sciencebg.net. You will be notified about acceptance/rejection with an email from the organising committee within five working days of receiving the submission. If you should receive no reply, please contact the organisers by email or telephone;

30.04.2012:Deadline for transferring the registration fees to the account given in the email sent to the participant by the organising committee. All bank charges and commissions are paid by the participants. Please inform your bank about this when ordering the transfer. Payment on site is not allowed;

30.04.2012:Final paper submission deadline. Please send your paper written according to the formatting requirements to the organisers for publication at erd@sciencebg.net. You will be notified whether the paper is accepted for publication with an email from the organising committee within five working days of receiving the paper. If you should receive no reply, please contact the organisers by email or telephone;

Deadline for booking accommodation for participants and their accompanying persons: see hotel offers. If participants arrange their travel and accommodation themselves or using a travel agency of their choice, they have to inform the organisers not later than 31.07.2012.

If you have failed to receive any accommodation offers from the organisers, you can ask for some by sending an email to erd@sciencebg.net;

31.07.2012: Deadline for sending the Power Point presentation of your talk to erd@sciencebg.net;please do not send any materials for the poster sessions;

31.07.2012:Participants (except online ones) confirm in writing to the organisers the form of their presentation (talk or poster) and that they will take part in the symposium in person. In case the organisers do not receive this information before the deadline, they have the right to assume that the participant will not attend in person. They also have the right to change such a personís presentation to online or poster, which will be reflected in the conference programme.

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