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Socialisation of Youth in Contemporary Society

ü Humanising education

ü Creative activities

ü Continuity in education

ü Arts in education

ü Teacher training in a multicultural environment

ü Intercultural communication. The system of values in the dialogue of cultures

Education, Individual and Society

ü Pedagogy and methodology of education

ü Psychological and pedagogical content of educational activities

ü Integration of cross–cultural studies in the curriculum

ü General and vocational education

ü Pre-school education

ü Extra-curricular and out-of-school activities

ü Lifelong learning

ü Alternative education

ü Education of children and pupils with special educational requirements

ü Personnel, scientific, information and library services

ü Quality of teaching, training programs and àssessment

Note: Papers on other relevant topics are welcome too.

Note: Only those who have submitted their registration form fulfilled all the requirements in the present Call for Papers and present at the symposium are regarded as symposium participants.


Registration number: registered participants receive a registration number, which is the same as the number of their pro forma invoice. You are required to use your registration number in all payment documents and correspondence with the organisers.

oral presentations (talks): 10 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion;

poster presentations: poster 90 cm high x 80 cm wide printed on paper not heavier than 150 g/m2. A poster session lasts one hour. Please note that PhD students are allowed to present posters only;

online presentations: for people who can not attend in person. Online participants receive their certificates of publication and symposium / conference programme by email. All their contributions are also included in International Scientific Publications. The journal volumes where the papers are published can be read and downloaded freely thirty days after the closing of the symposium / conference from the journal web site: www.science-journals.eu.

video conferencing:provided that there is suitable equipment and connection between the symposium / conference site and one or more other points, the organisers can offer you to take part in a video conference. In this case, you will be sent an invitation by email. Video conferences are possible, not core events.


SUBMISSIONS - There is a limit of two contributed submissions per registered author. They may be presented as a talk or as a poster. Oral presentations are 10 minutes long and a poster session lasts one hour.

PRESENTATION EQUIPMENT - Participants can use a PC and a multimedia projector. Presentations have to be prepared using PowerPoint and stored on a USB flash drive. Presentations are emailed to the organisers prior to the conference with the file name displaying the participant's name and surname.


Submissions, no matter whether presented as talks or posters, will be published in the Journal of International Scientific Publications: Educational Alternative, Volume 9 in cooperation with the Science and Education Foundation. You can get more information about the journal at http://www.science-journals.eu

Journal description: CD-ROM in a box; papers are in PDF format allowing for full-colour printouts; each journal volume is in the form of a book with cover, a page with the names of the editorial board, each paper starting on a new page and a table of contents at the end. To see what a published paper looks like, please go to www.science-journals.eu

Protection and identification:The journal is reliably protected using special technologies. It is identified with an ISSN (International Standard Serial Number).

Editing and reviewing: Every paper is reviewed by two independent, anonymous reviewers.

Advisory Editor Igor Kyukanov, USA Co-Editor in Chief Miroslaw Kowalski, Poland Nkasiobi Silas Oguzor, Nigeria Editorial Board Alireza Valipour, Iran Alexandr Gorbunov, Russia Dimitriy Baryshnikov, Russia Elena Murugova, Russia   Florin Lungu, Romania Galina Sinekopova, USA Junichi Suzuki, Japan Irina Sidorcuka, Latvia Neziha Musaoglu, Turkey Olivera Gajic, Serbia Simona Stanisiu, Romania Sofia Agapova, Russia Sibel Turan, Turkey Vladimir Zhdanov, Japan  

Journal languages:English

Copyright:Authors retain copyright of the published papers and have full responsibility for their contents. The publisher has the unlimited right to offer and distribute the edition with the papers published in it. The publisher assumes no responsibility whatsoever if the authors have inflicted harm or damage to any third parties.

DISCLAIMER -As an organiser of the symposium, Info Invest Ltd assumes no responsibility whatsoever, direct or implied, for the contents of the papers as well as for the consequences arising from misinterpretation or unawareness of the requirements for participation. The fact that you have submitted a registration form for the symposium means that you have read and agreed with the present conditions.


Before 30.04.2012:

Standard registration fee for membersof educational and research institutions: 210 Euros;

Special registration fee for members of educational and research institutions who were registered participants at the 2011 ERD Symposium: 180 Euros

Special reduced registration fee for full-time PhD student (Note: only about post-graduate students who do not work at universities and other establishments; students taking distance learning, correspondence or other similar courses are not eligible): 150 Euros;

Additional fee: 90 Euros for a second paper presented.

After 30.04.2012: registration fee is 240 Euros for all participants.

Accompanying persons do not pay registration fees. Each participant, except PhD students, can take only one accompanying person to the symposium.

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