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Payment method: mark a way payment in the registration form of the participant.

Payment: Registration fees are transferred to the account given in the notification email sent to the participant by the organising committee. All bank charges and commissions are paid by the participants. Please inform your bank about this when ordering the transfer. Payment on site is not allowed.

Invoices and Registration number:Registered participants are sent a pro forma invoice with the amount of registration fee to be paid. After receiving the correct registration fee, the organisers issue and send the original invoice. All documents are sent in PDF format by email.

Registered participants receive a registration number, which is the same as the number of their pro forma invoice. You are required to use your registration number in all payment documents and correspondence with the organisers.

Invoices: To receive an invoice you need to provide the following information:

If the bank transfer is ordered by a natural person: the person's full name, and full address.

If the bank transfer is ordered by a company or organisation: legal name of the organisation, address, VAT number /for example: BG107346798/, name of recipient of the invoice and full address.

Invoices will be sent in PDF format by email. As they have a signature and a stamp in full colour, you need a high-quality printer to print out the original.

Note: If the bank transfer is ordered by a natural person, it is not possible to issue an invoice to a company or organisation.


Participation: Only fully registered participants, their accompanying persons and special guests of the Organising Committee can take part in the symposium. Unregistered attendance is not allowed.

Registration: Please tell your country, name and surname at the registration desk. Accompanying persons do not have to register, but they receive a badge saying VISITOR.

Name Badges:The badge with your name that you get together with the symposium materials at registration is personal. It is the only document giving free access to the symposium hall and should be clearly visible at all times. You may be denied access to the symposium if you cannot show it. The organisers have the right to demand a proof of your right to attend the symposium.


The Organising Committee can book accommodation for symposium participants at their prior request without extra charges. The organisers assume no responsibility for any subsequent changes in the accommodation prices shown in it. Participants can also arrange their travel and accommodation themselves using a travel agency of their choice. Please inform the organisers if this is case.


All participants and their accompanying persons will be emailed official letters of invitation for the symposium in Bulgarian in PDF format. The invitations have a colour signature and stamp. You can print out the original using a high-quality colour printer. Those who need a visa have to personally apply for it at a Bulgarian consulate, showing the letter. If you will be accompanied by your underage children, please give us their names so that we can include them in the invitation. Letters of invitation will be sent only after the correct registration fees are received.

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