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Scientific Research: Results and Perspectives


(ERD Conference)

7-11 September 2012, Sunny Beach Resort, Bulgaria


Organized by

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Union of Scientists in Bulgaria

Scientific Information System

Science & Education Foundation


The symposium is part of the scientific events organised annually by Info Invest,

the Science and Education Foundation and its partners.




We are pleased to invite you to take part in the ERD Conference,

which will be held on 7 – 11 September 2012 in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria.



7 - 11 September 2012, the Imperial Hotel, Sunny Beach resort


The scope of ERD 2012 includes the following topics:

Knowledge and Innovation: A Primary Factor for Productivity and Economic Growth

ü Innovative approaches to knowledge management

ü Flexible approaches to knowledge management

ü Peer-to-peer knowledge management

ü Organisational creativity & idea generation

ü Public sector innovation and policy

ü Educating the next generation of innovators

ü Culture and team management in innovation

ü Legal Framework in Knowledge Management

ü Education in market economy. Competitive education

ü The role of education in creating information society and technologies

ü Åducation and research, demographic processes and labour market

ü Equal access and wider participation in education

ü Government regulation and legislation

ü Structure, management and funding

ü Intellectual property in education and research

E-Learning and Virtual Innovations

ü E-learning: projects and results

ü E-learning: pedagogical strategies and tactics

ü Developing e-learning methods for specific fields

ü Online laboratories and classrooms

ü Virtual universities

ü Electronic library: information and search technologies

ü Electronic journals and books: projects and prospects

Higher Education: Globalisation and Internationalisation

ü Higher and further education: new challenges

ü Academic experiences and best practice contributions

ü Quality processes at national and international level

ü Evaluation and assessment

ü Exchange programmes for students and university staff

ü Higher education and the Bologna Process

ü Application of the European system for accumulation and transfer of credits (ECTS)

ü Erasmus Programme: implementation and results at universities

ü The internationalisation of universities

ü Research and educational networks

ü International projects and innovations

ü Linking universities and the industry: partnerships, programmes, expertise

ü Assessment of students knowledge and skills

Scientific Research: Results and Perspectives

ü Scientific research centres: achievements and new ideas

ü Researching technologies in education

ü International research cooperation

ü Research on various aspects of the innovative society

ü Research methodologies

ü Academic research projects

ü Interconnection between education and research

ü University/Industry/Government: collaborative partnership in research

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