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TASK 3. Underline the correct option.


TASK 1. Sort out the sentences below according to the table.

0 Conditional  
1 Conditional  
2 Conditional  
3 Conditional  
Mixed Conditional  

1. If the weather weren’t so bad, I’d go away for the weekend.

2. If Don were more sociable, he would have made more friends in the summer camp.

3. If your daughter eats too much chocolate, she’ll get sick.

4. If there weren’t so much rain in Britain and it weren’t so warm, the grass wouldn’t grow all the year round.

5. Had he arrived on time, we wouldn’t have missed the bus.

6. If they are studying, I won’t make any noise.

7. If the dog hadn’t barked, the family wouldn’t have known that the house was on fire.

8. Iron rusts if it gets wet.

9. If you didn't complain so much, you might be more popular.

10. Wouldn't my friends be envious if they could only see me now!

11. Please don't sign any contracts before I've checked them.

12. If I liked that kind of music, I would have come to the concert with you.

13. Dad is never late for dinner if his train comes on time.

TASK 2. Use one of the connections from the box to complete sentences below. Options are possible.

as long as provided supposing even if unless if on condition that
but for otherwise what if and in case of or  

1. _________ you had missed the train, what would you have done then?

2. I don't think you should dye your hair blue _________ you really want to upset your parents.

3. _________ her help, I'd be in trouble now.

4. I'll lend you the money _________ you pay it back soon.

5. I couldn't lend them the money _________ I wanted to.

6. We'll never get there by lunch-time _________ we leave at ten o'clock.

7. _________ you let me know what you would like to eat, I'll do the cooking.

8. You can go to the party _________ you don't come home alone.

9. I wouldn't wear that dress to an interview _________ I were you.

10. _________ it stops raining, we won't be going to the park.

11. Try to be here on time, _________ we'll miss the beginning of the film.

12. I'll wear Mum's necklace for the party. - _________ you lose it?

13. _________ we went to London — what could we do there?

14. Be late again _________ you'll have to see the manager.

15. _________ an emergency, call this number.

16. You can go to the party _________ you are home before 11 pm.

17. Don't shout _________ you'll wake the baby.

TASK 3. Underline the correct option.

1. If they looked/had looked at the map before they left, they wouldn’t get/wouldn't have got lost.

2. If they eat/are eating dinner now, I don’t/won't disturb them.

3. If Sue has invited us to her party, we should buy/buy her a gift.

4. If I won’t/don't feel well tomorrow, I don’t/won't go to work.

5. If the car alarm goes off/will go off, press the button on my key-ring to stop it.

6. I wonder if she remembers/will remember to post the letter.

7. If the mayor should/would call, tell him I'm busy

8. If you don't finish/haven't finished your homework by 9 o’clock, you can't watch your favourite programme.

9. If it is raining/rains when you leave, take an umbrella.

10. If you will wait/would wait, I'll see/I see if the doctor can see you.

11. If Sam had laid/ has laid the table, I can serve dinner.

12. Does water turn into ice when it will freeze/freezes?

13. If you will behave/behave yourself, Dad may take you to the park.

14. If he will finish/finishes work early, he may go the theatre.

15. If I had gone/went to bed earlier, I won’t/wouldn’t be late for work so often.

16. I can't find my wallet. - If I were you, I would look/will look in my jacket pocket.

17. They won't refund / didn't refund your money if you didn’t keep/haven't kept your receipt.

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