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Shopping now and then

Many of us enjoy going shopping. We love the hustle of going to the high street, looking at shop windows, talking to shop assistants, examining various goods, comparing prices, trying clothes on and, finally, a few hours later, returning home exhausted, carrying bags full of brand new things.

( 21) _____ In fact, when most consumers these days think of shopping they think of a one-stop visit to a shopping centre.

There are, however, quite a few people that donít really like going shopping. When they absolutely have to buy something, they plan carefully, choose what they want and where they can get it, go to the shop, swiftly buy what they want and rush back home. (22) _____ They shop online or by mail order, and get everything delivered to them, without having to leave the comfort of their home.

Most teenagers, though, really enjoy going to the shopping mall. (23) _____ For them, itís not so much a place where they can do their shopping as one where they can socialize and make new friends. As a result, teenagers often arrange to meet and hang out at the mall, even if they have no intention of going shopping.

This function of the shopping centre seems very much the same as the function of some of the oldest covered markets in the East, which can be seen as the forerunner of the modern mall. (24) _____ The first covered market in the East was Isfahanís Grand Bazaar, whose buildings go back to the 10th century, while the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, which was built in the 15th century, with its 58 streets and over 4,000 shops, is still one of the largest covered markets in the world.

It seems that peopleís habits havenít really changed very much over the centuries. (25) _____ In the same way that people in the Middle East have always met, done business and had a cup of coffee in the traditional bazaars, contemporary teenagers meet and have fun in the multiplex cinemas and fast food restaurants of the various malls

a)In addition, the shopping experience in those markets is very different from what most of us are used to.

b)This is a large shopping centre which contains hundreds of different shops, as well as other places where you can relax or have fun.

c)Alternatively, we go to large department stores or shopping centres and spend half the day there, shopping to our heartís content.

d)Going to the market was, and still is, a social networking event more than anything else.

e)Others donít even go to the trouble of visiting the shops.

f)These markets are known as bazaars, which in Persian means ďthe place of pricesĒ


Use of English

Task 1

Complete the text using the correct form of the verbs 26Ė 35.

My husband Pete wasnít in a very good mood when I (to leave) (26)_________ for work this morning. He got up, went to the kitchen and we heard from there his angry voice, ďWe (to run out of) (27)______________ coffee again?Ē So he had to have tea, and you should know that he really (to hate) (28)____________it. Then he had to iron a shirt before he (can, to go) (29)______________ to work. While he (to do) (30)______________ that the phone rang. He ran to answer it and, of course, forgot about the iron. When he came back he (to burn) (31)_______________ a big hole in one sleeve of his shirt and it was completely ruined. So he (to have to buy) (32)________________ a new one this weekend. But things got even worse: he set off for work and left his briefcase behind with all his notes for a very important business meeting.

Mind you, I didnít have a great start either: I tripped over the childrenís toys and fell down the stairs. Fortunately, I (not really hurt) (33) ___________ myself but when I got to my feet I realized I (also to knock) (34) _______________ a lamp over, and it (still not to work) (35)_____________ now.

Task 2

Complete the following crossword using ordinary verbs to replace the phrasal verbs in bold. The number of letters in the ordinary verbs is given in the brackets. There is an example to help you.


1. I have been looking for my new pet everywhere. (9)

2. The Titanic went down in 1912. (4)

3. Iíve never been able to add up very well. (5)

4. Itís hard to put aside any money if youíre on a low salary. (4)

5. I need to draw up a timetable for revision before I do an exam.(7)

6. When I was 30 I still went on having all my old toys, and did not want to give them away. (4)

7. Mr Jones brought up the question of parking at the meeting. (6)

8. Teachersí duty is to check on their pupilsí progress.(7)


9. I need to sort out my desk, itís a bit of a mess. (8)

10. I think you need to look into the deal carefully before buying a second-hand car. (7)

11. A role model is someone you keep your mind on. (7)

12.Chop up the onion into small pieces. (3)

13. What sort of hobby should I take up? (5)

14. Face up to the fact that your work is poor. (8)

15.The police went after the bank robbers. (6)

16.I think Iíll call on Jill on my way home to discuss the school project.(5)

17. I need to come up with some holiday ideas. (7)

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