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Which of the following is true?


English, 9 grade

Choose the appropriate prepositions: ... Rome ... Paris they travelled ... plane.

A) From/to/by

B) From/till/by

C) At/by/by

D) Till/from/on

E) At/to/by


Choose the appropriate word: All the factories have made the ... very dirty.

A) air

B) weather

C) climate

D) breath

E) wind


3. Choose the synonym to the underlined word:

She controlled herself and said in a steady voice: "We are no friends any longer".

A) sound

B) loud

C) weak

D) low

E) lovely


4. Choose the antonym to the underlined word:

The children were playing at the farthest corner of the park.

A) nearest

B) sunniest

C) darkest

D) quietest

E) distant


5. Choose the appropriate modal verb(s):

If I ... sew as well as Jane I would make all of my own clothes too.

A) could

B) must

C) was to

D) can

E) might


Choose the appropriate modal verb(s): Grown-ups ... destroy bird’s nests.

A) mustn`t

B) must

C) may

D) ought

E) can


7. Choose the correct answer:

We couldn`t help ... when she told us what had happened.

A) laughing

B) laugh

C) don`t laugh

D) didn`t laugh

E) have laughed


8. Choose the correct answer:

Everybody was glad … him when he entered the room.

A) to see

B) seeing

C) see

D) seen

E) saw


9. Put the verb in the correct tense form:

By 2018 they … a new supermarket in our street.

A) will have built

B) will build

C) will be building

D) will built

E) will had built


10. Choose the appropriate form of the verb:

If he ... to bed so late yesterday, he ... so drowsy now.

A)hadn`t gone/wouldn`t be

B) doesn`t go/wouldn`t be

C) didn`t go/wouldn`t be

D) hadn`t gone/wouldn`t have been

E) didn`t go/wasn`t


11. Choose the best answer:

The witness told the court that he ... the accused before.

A) had never seen

B) had ever seen

C) hasn`t seen

D) didn`t see

E) doesn`t see


12. Choose the appropriate variant of indirect speech:

Sam, do you speak English”, asked Mary.

A) Mary asked Sam if he spoke English.

B) Mary asked Sam if he had spoken English

C) Mary asked Sam if he would speak English

D) Mary asked Sam if he speaks English.

E) Mary asked Sam if he was speaking English


13. Complete the sentence:

Pete saw the ball not far off. He ran up to it and kicked it. But the grass was wet and he couldn`t kick it properly. (13)..................... . Everyone in the other team was happy, but his own team was very sad.

A) So the ball went straight into his own goal.

B) Yet he was very pleased with himself.

C) In fact, the ball was very muddy.

D) Obviously it was the first match of the season.

E) Then the referee blew his whistle.


14. Choose the right order to make up a story:

1. But two times in twenty four hours sea water runs far up the river and makes it deep.

2. At those times big ships can get to London.

3. London is situated on the River Thames.

4. The Thames is not very long and very deep.

A) 3,4,1,2

B) 2,3,1,4

C) 3,1,4,2

D) 4,1,2,3

E) 1,2,4,3


15. Choose the best answer:

The phenomenon of a mirage, which is an atmospheric optical illusion in which an observer sees a nonexistent body of water, can be explained by two facts. First, light rays are bent in passing between media of differing densities. Second, the boundary between two such media acts as a mirror for rays of light coming in at certain angles.


Which of the following is true?

A) The line between two media works as a reflector.

B) This phenomenon can`t be explained yet.

C) Light rays are united in one bunch

D) Mirage can be seen only in deserts.

E) The weather influences the appearance of mirage.




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