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The cluster approach to the tourism destinations development








Tourism Competitiveness TC tourist cluster, TD tourist destination, TP tourist product

Questions for selfcontrol:


1. What are the main objectives of tourist destination management?

2. What is the subject of tourist destination management?

3. What types of DMO do you know?

4. What are the components of tourist destination management?

5. What is a stakeholder? Who can be tourist destination stakeholders?

6. What is the public-private partnership in tourism?

7. What are the factors of successful tourist destination management?

8. What is a Destination Management Plan? What kinds of plans do you know?

9.What is a tourist cluster?

Topic 6. Tourist Destinations Marketing

Lecture plan

1. Modern concept of tourist destination marketing.

2. Applied areas of marketing research for the benefit of tourist destination.

3. Tourist destination Image and Brand.

4. Tourist destination Event marketing.

5. Tourist destination Internet Marketing.

6. Organizational aspects of the tourism destinations marketing.

7. Strategic marketing planning for tourism destination.


Basic: 1, 2, 3, 4

Supplementary: 11, 13, 16, 17, 20.


Key words: destination marketing; marketing mix; destination product; destination pricing; de-marketing; destination marketing planning process; destination marketing communications; destination image; destination brand; event marketing; Internet marketing; marketing research, competitive advantage , Positioning, Target marketing, marketing plan, Destination vision, Destination Marketing Goals, Destination Marketing Objectives, DMO Mission



The modern concept of tourism destination marketing





Marketing mix of tourism destination


Formulating the destination product


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