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Motive factors and items

Factors Motive items
Novelty having fun
experiencing something different
feeling the special atmosphere of the vacation destination
visiting places related to my personal interests
Escape/relax resting and relaxing
getting away from everyday psychological stress/pressure
being away from daily routine
getting away from the usual demands of life
giving my mind a rest  
not worrying about time
getting away from everyday physical stress/pressure
Relationship (strengthen) doing things with my companion(s)
doing something with my family/friend(s)
being with others who enjoy the same things as I do
strengthening relationships with my companion(s)
strengthening relationships with my family/friend(s)
contacting with family/friend(s) who live elsewhere
Autonomy being independent
being obligated to no one
doing things my own way
Nature viewing the scenery
being close to nature
getting a better appreciation of nature
being harmonious with nature
Stimulation exploring the unknown
feeling excitement
having unpredictable experiences
being spontaneous
having daring/adventuresome experience
experiencing thrills
experiencing the risk involved
Self- development (personal development) develop my personal interests
knowing what I am capable of
gaining a sense of accomplishment
gaining a sense of self-confidence
developing my skills and abilities
using my skills and talents


Relationship (security) feeling personally safe and secure
being with respectful people
meeting people with similar values/interests
being near considerate people
being with others if I need them
feeling that I belong
Self- actualise gaining a new perspective on life
feeling inner harmony/peace
understanding more about myself
being creative
working on my personal/spiritual values
Isolation experiencing the peace and calm
avoiding interpersonal stress and pressure
experiencing the open space
being away from the crowds of people
enjoying isolation
Nostalgia thinking about good times I've had in the past
reflecting on past memories
Romance having romantic relationships
being with people of the opposite sex
Recognition sharing skill and knowledge with others
showing others I can do it
being recognised by other people
leading others
having others know that I have been there

Determinants include the set of factors defining:

the destination for the trip

when the trip will be taken

the mode of travel to be used

the duration of the trip

who will comprise the holiday party or group

the type of accommodation that will be used

the activities undertaken by the tourist during the holiday

how much will be spent on the trip.



4. Trends in tourist`s consumer behavior

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