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Put in the missing preposition.

1. I'd love to be able to visit every country --- the world.

2. 'Have you read any books --- Margaret White?' 'No, I've never heard of her.'

3. 'Is there a bank near here?' 'Yes, there's one --- the end of this road.'

4. Tim is away at the moment, He's --- holiday.

5. You've got a dirty mark --- your cheek. Have a look --- the mirror.

6. We went --- a party --- Linda's house on Saturday.

7. Bombay is --- the west coast of India.

8. Look at the leaves --- that tree. They're a beautiful colour.

9. 'Have you ever been --- Tokyo?' 'No, I've never been --- Japan.'

10. Mozart died --- Vienna in 1791 --- the age of 35.

11. 'Are you --- this photograph?' 'Yes, that's me --- the left.'

12. We went --- the theatre last night. We had seats --- the front row.

13. 'Where's the light switch?' 'It's --- the wall . the door.'

14. What time did you arrive --- the party?

15. I couldn't decide what to eat. There was nothing --- the menu that I liked.

16. We live --- a tower block. Our flat is --- the fifteenth floor.

17. 'What did you think of the film?' 'Some parts were a bit stupid but --- the whole I enjoyed it.'

18. When you paid the hotel bill, did you pay --- cash or --- credit card?

19. 'How did you get here? --- the bus?' 'No --- car.'

20. A: I wonder what's --- television this evening. Have you got a newspaper?

B: Yes, the TV programmes are --- the back page.



Noun/adjective + preposition

Units 128-130

Put in the missing preposition.

1. The plan has been changed but nobody seems to know the reason --- this.

2. Don't ask me to decide. I'm not very good --- making decisions.

3. Some people say that Sue is unfriendly but she's always very nice --- me.

4. What do you think is the best solution --- the problem?

5. There has been a big increase --- the price of land recently.

6. He lives a rather lonely life. He doesn't have much contact --- other people.

7. Paula is a keen photographer. She likes taking pictures --- people.

8. Gordon got married --- a woman he met when he was studying at college.

9. He's very brave. He's not afraid --- anything.

10. I'm surprised --- the amount of traffic today. I didn't think it would be so busy.

11. Thank you for lending me the guide book. It was full --- useful information.

12. Please come in and sit down. I'm sorry --- the mess.



Verb + preposition

Units 131-135

Put in a preposition where necessary. If the sentence is already complete, leave an empty space (-).

1. She works quite hard. You can't accuse her --- being lazy.

2. Who's going to look --- your children while you're at work?

3. The problem is becoming serious. We have to discuss --- it.

4. The problem is becoming serious. We have to do something --- it.

5. I prefer this chair --- the other one. It's more comfortable.

6. I must phone --- the office to tell them I won't be at work today.

7. The river divides the city --- two parts.

8. 'What do you think --- the new manager?' 'She's all right, I suppose.'

9. Can somebody please explain --- me what I have to do?

10. 'Do you like staying at hotels?' 'It depends --- the hotel.'

11. 'Have you ever been to Borla?' 'No, I've never heard --- it. Where is it?'

12. You remind me --- somebody I knew a long time ago. You took just like her.

13. What's funny? What are you laughing ---.?

14. What have you done with all the money you had? What did you spend it ---.?



This guide is to help you decide which units you need to study. The sentences in the guide are grouped together (Present and past, Articles and nouns etc.) in the same way as the units in the Contents (page iii).

Each sentence can be completed using one or more of the alternatives (A, B, C etc.). There are between two and five alternatives each time. IN SOME SENTENCES MORE THAN ONE ALTERNATIVE IS POSSIBLE.

If you don't know or if you are not sure which alternatives are correct, then you probably need to study the unit(s) listed on the right. You will also find the correct sentence in this unit. (If two or three units are listed, you will find the correct sentence in the first one.)

There is a key to this study guide on page 343.


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