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Put the verb into the correct form, active or passive.

1. This house is quite old. It _was built_ (build) over 100 years ago.

2. My grandfather was a builder. He _built_. (build) this house many years ago.

3. 'Is your car still for sale?' 'No, I --- (sell) it.'

4. 'Is the house at the end of the street still for sale?' 'No, it --- (sell).'

5. Sometimes mistakes --- (make). It's inevitable.

6. I wouldn't leave your car unlocked. It --- (might/steal).

7. My bag has disappeared. It --- (must/steal).

8. I can't find my hat. Somebody --- (must/take) it by mistake.

9. It's a serious problem. I don't know how it --- (can/solve).

10. We didn't leave early enough. We --- (should/leave) earlier.

11. Every time I travel by plane, my flight --- (delay).

12. A new bridge --- (build) across the river. Work started last year and the bridge --- (expect) to open next year.


Read these newspaper reports and put the verbs into the most suitable form.

1. Castle fire

Winton Castle (1) _was damaged_ (damage) in a fire last night. The fire, which (2) --- (discover) at about 9 o'clock, spread very quickly. Nobody (3) --- (injure) but two people had to (4) --- (rescue) from an upstairs room. A number of paintings (5) --- (believe/destroy). It (6) --- (not/know) how the fire starred.


In Paxham yesterday a shop assistant (1) --- (force) to hand over 500 Pounds after (2) --- (threaten) by a man with a knife. The man escaped in a car which (3) --- (steal) earlier in the day. The car (4) --- (later/find) in a car park where it (5) --- (abandon) by the thief. A man (6) --- (arrest) in connection with the robbery and (7) --- (still/question) by the police.


Repair work started yesterday on the Paxham-Longworth road. The road (1) --- (resurface) and there will be long delays. Drivers (2) --- (ask) to use an alternative route if possible. The work (3) --- (expect) to last two weeks. Next Sunday the road (4) --- (close) and traffic (5) --- (divert).

4. Accident

A woman (1) --- (take) to hospital after her car collided with a lorry near Norstock yesterday. She (2) --- (allow) home later after treatment. The road (3) --- (block) for an hour after the accident and traffic had to (4) --- (divert). A police inspector said afterwards: 'The woman was lucky. She could (5) --- (kill).'



~ing and the infinitive

Units 52-65

Put the verb into the correct form.

1. How old were you when you learnt _to drive?_ (drive)

2. I don't mind _walking_ home but I'd rather _get_ a taxi. (walk, get)

3. I can't make a decision. I keep --- my mind. (change)

4. He had made his decision and refused --- his mind. (change)

5. Why did you change your decision? What made you --- your mind? (change)

6. It was a really good holiday. I really enjoyed --- by the sea again. (be)

7. Did I really tell you I was unhappy? I don't remember --- that. (say)

8. 'Remember --- Tom tomorrow.' 'OK. I won't forget.' (phone)

9. The water here is not very good. I'd avoid --- it if I were you. (drink)

10. I pretended --- interested in the conversation but really it was very boring. (be)

11. I got up and looked out of the window --- what the weather was like. (see)

12. I have a friend who claims. --- able to speak five languages. (be)

13. I like --- carefully about things before --- a decision. (think, make)

14. Steve used --- a footballer. He had to stop --- because of an injury. (be, play)

15. After --- by the police, the man admitted --- the car but denied --- at 100 miles an hour. (stop, steal, drive)

16. A: How do you make this machine ---? (work)

B: I'm not sure. Try --- that button and see what happens. (press)


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