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VII. Common Abbreviations Used in Prescriptions

This appendix is meant to be a complete list of all abbreviations used in prescriptions in English-speaking countries (its listing here does not mean such abbreviations should be used).

aa (ana) - of each

ad - to, up to

a.c. (ante cibium) - before meals

a.d. (aurio dextra) - right ear

ad lib. (ad libitum) - use as much as one desires; freely

admov. (admove) - apply

agit (agita) - stir/shake

alt. h. (alternis horis) - every other hour

a.m. (ante meridian) - morning, before noon

amp - ampule

amt - amount

aq (aqua) - water

a.l., a.s. (aurio laeva, aurio sinister) - left ear

A.T.C. - around the clock

a.u. (auris utrae) - both ears

bis (bis) - twice

b.i.d. (bis in die) - twice daily

B.M. - bowel movement

bol. (bolus) - a large pill

B.S. - blood sugar

B.S.A - body surface areas

cap., caps. (capsula) - capsule

c (cum) - with (usually written with a bar on top of the "c")

c (cibos) - food

cc - cubic centimetre; also means "with food" (cum cibos)

cf - with food

C.H.F. - congestive heart failure

comp. - compound

cr., crm - cream

D5W - dextrose 5% solution (sometimes written as D5W)

D5NS - dextrose 5% in normal saline (0.9%)

D.A.W. - dispense as written

dc, D/C, disc - discontinue

dieb. alt. (diebus alternis) - every other day

dil. - dilute

disp. - dispense

div. - divide

d.t.d. (dentur tales doses) - give of such doses

D.W. - distilled water

elix. - elixir

e.m.p. (ex modo prescripto) - as directed

emuls. (emulsum) - emulsion

et - and

ex aq - in water

fl., fld. - fluid

ft. (fiat) - make; let it be made

g - gram

G.I. - gastrointestinal

gr - grain

gtt(s) (gutta(e)) - drop(s)

G.U. - genitourinary

H - hypodermic

h, hr - hour

H.A. - headache

H.B.P. - high blood pressure

h.s. (hora somni) - at bedtime

HTN - hypertension

ID - intradermal

IM - intramuscular (with respect to injections)

inj. (injectio) - injection

IP - intraperitoneal

IV - intravenous

o IVP - intravenous push

o IVPB - intravenous piggyback

L.A.S."' - label as such

LCD - coal tar solution

lin (linimentum) - liniment

liq (liquor) - solution

lot. - lotion

M. (misce) - mix

m, min (mininum) - a minimum

mcg - microgram

mEq - milliequivalent

mg - milligram

mist. (mistura) - mix

mitte (mitte) - send

mL - millilitre

N&V, N/V - nausea and vomitting

nebul (nebula) - a spray

N.K.A. - no known allergies

N.K.D.A. - no known drug allergies

N.M.T. - not more than

noct. (nocte) - at night

non rep. (non repetatur) - no repeats

NPO, n.p.o. (non per os) - nothing by mouth

NS - normal saline (0.9%)

1/2NS - half normal saline (0.45%)

N.T.E. - not to exceed

o_2 - both eyes, sometimes written as o2

o.d. (oculus dexter) - right eye

o.s. (oculus sinister) - left eye

o.u. (oculo utro) - both eyes

oz - ounce

per - by or through

p.c. (post cibium) - after meals

p.m. (post meridian) - evening or afternoon

prn (pro re nata) - as needed

p.o. (per os) - by mouth or orally

p.r. - by rectum

pulv. (pulvis) - powder

q (quaque) - every

q.a.d. (quoque alternis die) - every other day

q.h. (quaque hora) - every hour

q.1h (quaque 1 hora) - every 1 hour; (can replace "1" with other numbers)

q.d. (quaque die) - every day

q.i.d. (quater in die) - four times a day

q.o.d. - every other day

q.s. (quantum sufficiat) - a sufficient quantity

R- rectal

rep., rept. (repetatur) - repeats

RL, R/L - Ringer's lactate

s (sine) - without (usually written with a bar on top of the "s")

s.a. (secundum artum) - use your judgement

SC, subc, subq, subcut - subcutaneous

sig - write on label

SL - sublingually, under the tongue

S.O.B. - shortness of breath

sol (solutio) - solution

s.o.s., si op. sit (si opus sit) - if there is a need

ss (semis) - one half

stat (statim) - immediately

supp (suppositorium) - suppository

susp - supsension

syr (syrupus) - syrup

tab (tabella) - tablet

tal., t (talus) - such

tbsp - tablespoon

troche (trochiscus) - lozenge

tsp - teaspoon

t.i.d. (ter in die) - three times a day

t.i.w. - three times a week

top. - topical

T.P.N. - total parenteral nutrition

tr, tinc., tinct. - tincture

u.d., ut. dict. (ut dictum) - as directed

ung. (unguentum) - ointment

U.R.I. - upper respitory infection

U.T.I. - urinary tract infection

vag - vaginally

V.S. - vital signs

w - with

W.B.C. - white blood count

w/o - without

X - times

Y.O. - years old


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