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Listen to the interview with Benjamin Wilkinson, who is a school official from York, England. Choose the most suitable item to finish each sentence (1-4).

1 The interview is about ... .

a) schoolchildren not having enough pocket money

b) schoolchildren getting jobs

c) schoolchildren leaving schools early











2 One of the two jobs most popular with teenagers is .... I

a) taking care of babies and children while their parents are out

b) washing the dishes in cafes and restaurants

c) house cleaning

3 Compared to grown-ups, teenagers are ....

a) fairly paid b) overpaid c) underpaid

4 Doing a part-time job can turn out to be a problem because ....

a) working schoolchildren spend too much time at work and don't see their parents

b) working schoolchildren cannot fully concentrate on their studies

c) working schoolchildren cannot be allowed to spend more than two or three hours at work


4 Read the text and choose the best answers to the qu stions after it.


Did you know that Scouting (under the name PLAST) was first established in Ukraine in 1911? This makes it one of the oldest Scout organisations in Europe. During its 85-year history PLAST, the Scout Organisation of Ukraine, has developed an extensive body of educational methodology, Scouting traditions, etc.

During the years of communist rule,

Plast was prohibited in Ukraine.

Plast members from the diaspora brought it back to Ukraine, where - since 1990 - it has been growing rapidly, and today has spread to all the parts of our country. Ukraine is one of the largest, best-established and fastest-growing Scouting organisations in Eastern Europe.














Ukrainian Scouting has been known as 'PLAST'. That means in Ukrainian exactly the same thing as 'scouting' in English- i.e. 'plastun' is a 'scout'.

The word 'Piastun' has a long and distinguished history; it was first used by the medieval Ukrainian Cossacks in the 'Zaporizzhia' region.

(Piast customs and traditions tend to borrow their elements from various periods in the Ukrainian history.)

The Scouting movement of Ukraine tries to educate its young members to be worthy human beings and good citizens of their country: honest, industrious and useful to the society.

Plast also educates its members to be tolerant of needs and desires for self expression by other peoples and be protective of the environment. In other words- to be model citizens of the world-wide human community.

The three 'Main Duties' of Ukrainian Scout ('Piastun') embody the ideals of the Ukrainian Scouting Organisation . They are:

• to be faithful to God and Country- Ukraine

• to help others

to be disciplined and obey the Scout Laws

Basically, the Ukrainian scouting , Plast, is organised into four age­




groups: the Cub-Scouts ('novaky', 6 to 12 years of age), the Scouts ('yunaky' , 12 to 18 years), the Rover Scouts ('starshi Plastuny' 18 to 30) and the Senior Scouts (Scouters and other former Scouts , aged over 30).

During the cub-scout and scout ages , the genders work in separate

Q6EP HO troops , but they belong to the same local council.



The local councils are called 'stanyci'. A 'stanycia' is divided into male and female 'koshi'. All Plast councils are united in the Country Plast Organisation. All Plast organisations in the world are united in the

Conference of Ukrainian Plast Organisations (KUPO) . Currently,

the Plast organisations in the following countries are full member of KUPO: Ukraine, USA, Canada , Argentina, Australia, Germany, Great Britain, Poland and Slovakia. There exist also small Plast organisations in Brasil, Lithuania, Latvia

and Kazakhstan, but they have only observer status in KUPO.

Democracy is a cornerstone' of the Plast organisation.

All positions in the world-wide KUPO are filled by elected members .

'a cornerstone ['b:nastaon ] -Hapi>t<H KaMiHb




A great deal of effort is extended to teach the young children how to elect their leaders and how to fulfill the duties. Children are taught responsibility, honesty, integrity and trust. This is a part of

the total Plast approach to education through self-education.

The usual scouting emblem of Scouting organisations in countries around the world is usually the fluer-de-lis. So it is also for the Ukrainian Scouting, but the Ukrainian Scouting emblem artfully combines the

fleur-de-lis with the official state emblem of independent Ukraine -the 'Tryzub' or Trident.

Ukrainian Scouts-Piastuny, like most other Scouts in the world , use the universal Scout greeting 'Be Prepared!', which in Ukrainian sounds 'Hotooys!'.

But the Ukrainian Scouts also have another greeting: 'SKOB!'- an acronym of four Ukrainian words: 'Sylno' (forcefully), 'Krasno' (beautifully), 'Oberezhno' (carefully) and 'Bystro' (speedily). Together, they spell 'SKOB', which happens to be the name of a species of an eagle, which inhabits the wide steppes of Ukraine.

No wonder that Ukrainian Scouts adopted St George as their patron saint. The feast of St George falls in May. That date is celebrated by the Ukrainian 'Piastuny' as both the St George's Day and the Festival of Spring the yearly beginning

of the camping and hiking season.


1 When did the Ukrainian Scouting appear?

a) in 1990

b) in 1911

c) in the medieval Ukrainian Cossacks' State

2 What does the name of the organisation mean?

a) it means the same as 'scouting'

b) it means the same as 'scout'

c) it means the same as 'Cossack'















3 What are the goals of Ukrainian scouting-plast?

a) to go hiking and camping

b) to entertain youth

c) to educate its young members to be good citizens of their country

4 What is one of the three 'Main Duties' of Ukrainian Plastun?

a) to be faithful to God and Country

b) to be helpful for olds and weaks

c) to unite with youth of the world

5 How is Ukrainian Plast organised?

a) It is structured into local councils

b) It is structured according to age groups and gender

c) It consists of different 3 structural levels. Each level consists of different age and gender groups

6 What is the official emblem (crest) of Ukrainian Plast?

a) fleur-de-lis

b) fleur-de-lis combined with Trident

c) fleur-de-lis combined with rose

7 What is a plast greeting?

a) skob!

b) plast!

c) kuro!

8 What do Ukrainian Scouts celebrate in May?

a) opening the camping and hiking season

b) StGeorge's day and the Festival of Spring

c) St Paul's Day

CAN YOU ... IN ENGLISH?@ -Yes, Ican.

0 read and understand about citizenship and youth organi ations 0 listen and understand about emotions and how to deal w•th them 0 talk about the problems of young people

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