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Give your opinion on the suggested solutions and results.

Hundreds and hundreds of teenagers regularly go out at the weekend. They spend their time in discos, talking to friends, smoking, drinking, etc.

We all see them in the early morning hours, some of them barely able to walk. Binge2 drinking is obviously becoming a serious problem among teenagers. What might be done about it?


1to anticipate [ren'trst pett]- nepe, : 6a4aTlll , 4eKaTlll 2a binge [bmd3l -rynbHR, nlllRTl!lKa



problems solutions results
law on the sales of alcohol to minors1 not obeyed strict implementation of the law, high fines for offenders alcohol not sold to minors (minors stay sober)
working hours of discos change the working hours make them more suitable for minors teenagers would still have fun, but be home on time
youngsters staying out late; lack of sleep different working hours of discos, places for teenagers healthier lifestyle for teenagers
wrong role models provide new models, introduce new values different models and values to follow
lack of information on the dangers of drinking parents talking to teenagers, school providing relevant information teenagers aware of the dangers













Match the structural units (1-5) of an essay with the appropriate paragraphs (A-E) to put the essay in correct order.

D 1 Introduction

D2 Body first suggestion + results D3 Second suggestion + results D4 Third suggestion + results

D5 Conclusion

AThirdly, society in general is sending young people mixed messages. As long as you are an exemplary student during the week, you can be 'cool' at weekends. To be 'cool' means you have to follow the latest trends in fashion, drive an expensive car, smoke cigarettes, use offensive language and get drunk. Parents and teachers alike must take time and talk to youngsters about their dilemmas, problems and explain the dangers of consuming alcohol. Presenting our personal experience and offering alternative role models and a different system of values will certainly help to overcome the problem.

BOne way to solve the problem could be by simply implementing the law

concerning the sale of alcohol to minors. Our government has passed a


'a minor ['mama]- HenoBHOiliTHi ; niAJliTOK









law stating very clearly that people under the age of eighteen cannot buy or consume alcoholic drinks. The problem lies in the fact that nobody

0 adheres

to it. Stricter controls and higher fines for those who break the







law would certainly provide a solution. Furthermore, this would also prevent the selling of drinks to minors in discos.

C Several studies have shown that the number of teenagers consuming alcohol is increasing. The problem is evident especially during the weekends when hundreds and hundreds of teenagers go out to discos. Another alarming fact is that an increasing number of younger teenagers, thirteen and fourteen-year-olds, consume various alcoholic drinks on a regular basis. What measures could be taken to eradicate2 the problem?

DAll things considered, it is possible by making joint efforts to deal with the problem effectively. Authorities should ensure that the law banning the sale of alcohol to minors is enforced, even if it means imposing extremely high fines for offenders. Parents should also return to parenting.

EAnother way of dealing with the problem is again by implementing the existing law. Young people are not supposed to be out after eleven o'clock without supervision. If steps were taken to adapt the working hours of the disco clubs to the needs of teenagers, the results would be visible very soon. Teenagers would have fun and be home by eleven. I am convinced that most teenagers would easily find other forms of entertainment within their homes.

'to adhere (< d'hi<!]- ,QOTpli'IMyBaTI!'ICH

•to eradicate [I'rredikeit] - Bli'IKOpiHIOBant , 3Hii'lll.IYBaTI!'I



Useful Transitional Words and Phrases

to make suggestions

to begin I start with, one way to, a useful suggestion would be to, another would be, another way to, it would be a good idea to ...

to express cause

for this reason, because of, due to, owing·to, since I because ...

to express effect

therefore, thus, so ...

to present results I consequences

as a result, consequently, as a consequence, in this way, this would, then ...

to express purpose

so that, so as, in order to, with the purpose I intention of ...

to express possibility I probability

it can I could I may I might, it is possible I probable I certain I (un)likely, the possibility I probability of ...

to conclude

to conclude, in conclusion, all things considered, all in all, to sum up ...

0In groups, choose one of the topics (1-10) and discuss it. Complete the table 'Problems. Solutions. Results'. See the example on page 229.


1 How can my generation make our home town a better place to live?

2 How to keep fit.

3 How to reduce violence among young people.

4 How can I improve my grades?

5 How to deal with the problem of young highly educated people leaving Ukraine.

6 How to integrate HIV-positive students into regular classes.

7 How can I control my emotions?

9 What can we do to improve the quality of lives of our disabled citizens?

10 What can we do to prevent forest fires during the summer?

TGJ Write an essay suggesting solutions to the problem on one of the topics above. Use a formal style and appropriate transitional words Iphrases.

















Complete the text with the words from the box.


control, manage, problem, contented,

zintelligent, survive, create , cause , interfere


::J [J 0u..

Emotions are exciting , and primitive man needed this excitement to help

him (1) ... in a dangerous world. However, emotions (2) ... with thinking , and, in modern society, they can (3) ... problems at home and at work . They can damage our health, (4) ... mental suffering and even lead to tragedies such as killings. Therefore , we should (5) ... our emotions. Emotionally (6) ... people are aware of the emotions in themselves and others and can analyse (7) ... situations and do something to improve them . If we can (8) ... our feelings and deal effectively with others , we are more likely to live (9) ... lives.


0 Choose the correct verb form to complete each sentence.

1 I can't wait (to see I seeing)his new movie.

2 She remembered (to visit I visiting)Disneyland when she was about five years old.

3 They expected her (to refuse I refusing) (to give I giving)them the money.

4 I don't think he meant (to betray I betraying)us.

5 You shouldn't forget (to take I taking)the _ laundry out. ·

6 She was watching TV and knitting , but she stopped (to change I changing)

the channel.

7 Can you stop (to shout I shouting)?I'm trying (to study I studying) .

8 She tried (to talk I talking)to her parents but they couldn't help her.

9 I regret (to tell/ telling)you that you're dismissed .

10In the beginning he considered (to give I giving)her a hand but when she snapped at him he walked away.




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